Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 29...

1. AMELIE: I love my job, researching and writing about Paris and spending my evenings watching films. Tonight I watched Amelie, she’s introverted and obsessive, a little like me! I was grateful for seeing someone else trying to twist fate to suit them.
2. JWs DEATH CAMP: I did the Joe Williams ‘Death Camp #2’ this morning and loved it. I’m grateful we’re working my core, but whoa, it hurts because apparently it’s buried underneath some ‘padding’ at the moment, but it’s there, somewhere! I noticed today that JW spends a lot of time watching the TV while I’m lunging and pumping and stuff. I might get a job as a PT when I finally find my core.
3. PROFESSIONAL JOURNOS: I did an interview today (a phoner) with someone in WA. It’s really refreshing to answer questions that are borne out of research and not ignorance. While we all like media coverage, it’s really a chore sometimes having to answer questions thrown at you when it’s clear the journo hasn’t read your book, or the media release or your website... where most of the answers they ask like. So, I’m grateful to the journo for Arts Yarn Up.
4. AUTUMN: It’s here and I love it. I’m grateful for crisp, fresh mornings now. I breathe deeply, then suck in the fumes of motor cars as I take Sothern Cross Drive to Redfern and the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence for training.
5. DEBORAH GREEN: Deborah is a writer who loves dark chocolate. SNAP! So do I – well, I like any chocolate. I’m grateful to Deborah for giving me Better Than Chocolate: a delicious assortment from The Writers’ Dozen an anthology of dark and light stories . I lay in bed this morning and read Deborah’s entry first. “Under the Ashes” is a short piece about her trip to Europe with her sister Nicola, staying with their father in Switzerland (perhaps that’s where Deborah got her taste of chocolate from?) and then making her way to Germany, Greece and Napoli. It reminded me of my own backpacking days in the early 90s, especially when reading about Pompeii. I remember my one day there in 1992 and wondering why couples went to such significant sites to just smooch. You can smooch anywhere, really, and not bother those of us non-smoochers there to soak up the history and heritage. I must admit I didn’t have the bum-pinching guide that Deborah had; perhaps I would’ve enjoyed the trip more? But then again, I didn’t have my kneecap pop out like Deb either, so I’m also grateful for that. [Deb and moi above]


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Hi Liz - agree! It was the second time I'd seen it, and appreciated it better second time around.

Hope the Easter Bilby is generous to you!


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