Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Adele Blair - the personal concierge - is grateful!

Adele Blair is the Director of Blair Lifestyle and we met as part of the Women in Focus conference in Port Douglas recently. What was interesting about our first words on the shuttle from Cairns Airport was that we had a mutual friend in common. I have to ask: what’s the chance of two-degrees of separation when only 140 women from around the country have been invited to attend one event? It was simply meant to be. And today Adele is joining my gratefulness blog with some awesome gratefuls of her own. For me today, I am grateful that while we didn’t have a chance to chat at our mutual friend’s 50th a few months ago, Tropical North Queensland brought us together to share what we have in common.

Adele says: I am grateful that ……

….. I have such an amazingly supportive Partner (above), he provides me with the freedom to challenge myself and to push the envelope. No. 1 Fan J

….. I have health.  Last year I lost one of my dearest friends to Breast Cancer.  After her passing I felt guilty that I had not been there for her enough, and that I didn’t look after myself well enough either. To honour her and to create a healthy lifestyle for myself I set a running challenge, I continued to run 10kms events until I raised $5,000 for the Wesley Research Institute.  I am so grateful I could do that for us both.

Running in honour of late friend, wife and mother...

…. I have wonderful friends; having your own personal cheer squad support you in any endeavour is heart-warming.

… I was invited to attend the WIF conference.  To be invited was such a surprise an honour.   I had “heard” about the conference and the consistent feedback from those who had attended was “life changing”, so naturally I was very grateful to be included.

…… I was among such a supportive group of women (and a few men).  I learned that I should not compare my Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20, we are all at different stages of the same journey of entrepreneurship.

…… for the many wonderful and meaningful connections I have made since commencing my business.  Being able to develop these relationships has provided me with incredible support and encouragement in all aspects of my life, and some people I am now very happy to call personal friends, along the way.

…. my persistence (I like to call it subtle stalking or just downright stubbornness) have led to some amazing opportunities which have been life changing.

I am grateful …. everyday.  We have a gratitude jar in our office – when anyone is having a crappy day, we have to write one thing we are grateful for and put it in the jar.  At the end of the year we open the jar and remind ourselves how wonderful the year has been.

If you'd like to know more about Adele and her fabulous work, check out her website, follow her on Twitter!  And LIKE her on Facebook


Annieb25 said...

I really do love it when two of my friends collide. We live in a small world filled to the brim with wonderful people xx

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