Wednesday, October 23, 2013

'Lateral Violence' a poem by Dameyon Bonson

Today I have the pleasure of welcoming Dameyon Bonson to my blog with a poem about something significant to him. Please read his intro below to understand context, and share with others you think may be interested, may appreciate and / or learn from.

Dameyon says...
In recent years there has been an unearthing of a phenomenon that affects minority groups such as us, the Indigenous peoples of Australia. It is a phenomenon, which acts as a cancerous agent of self-destruction among the disempowered. It is a behaviour that is exhibited when power is sought by those, individuals or as groups, which have been robbed of power. They seek it from each other is often harmful and destructive ways. This poem is a reflection of this disempowerment. This poem is about lateral violence. It is not about people’s behaviours, but rather how the disempowerment at the hands of the colonial might continues to affect our people. I am of Aboriginal and Torres Islander descent. I am of white Australia. I am an Indigenous Australian and these words below reflect my experiences also.

'Lateral Violence'
Am I not black enough?
Is my past too stolen?
Am I white too much?
Am I too outspoken?
Why do choose to abuse me?
Is it because I'm not from here?
Is it my skin tone?
Why do you choose to exclude me?
Am I not black enough?
Is my past too stolen?
Am I white too much?
Is my education, forboden?
Why do you choose to abuse me?
Am I not black enough?
Are my thoughts not jaded,
With a history stolen?
My stories raided.
Why do you choose to refuse me?
Yes, I'm not from here.
But I'm black enough.
You have no right to abuse me.
Yes I've travelled far,
From homelands faded.
Yes I'm black enough.
My bloodline is true,
It's not created.
My heart is swollen.
A family's big like yours.
My mob's strong like yours.
I am same same like you.
So please don't hate me.
Yes I'm black enough.
Together there is much we can do.

Dameyon Bonson
twitter @db_1974


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