Monday, March 29, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 28...

1. BRAVO: Brunch in the arvo is otherwise known as ‘bravo’. Today I was grateful for bravo put on by my friend Carolyn in Birchgrove. Bravo with bubbly, what a way to spend Sunday afternoon.
2. BEING A PASSENGER: For most of my driving life I have been the designated driver, many of my friends not having cars, or only getting cars later in life. It’s fair to say I went through a period where I was over it! It’s not so bad now, but I was truly grateful today that Geraldine drove to Birchgrove, because to quote my Mother: ‘I’d sooner have flown over the moon’, than drive today.
3. GIGI: Still working on my ‘Paris state of mind’ and I watched the 1958 Academy Award winning film Gigi tonight. I loved Gigi’s innocence in singing ‘I don’t understand the Parisians’. You can watch the scene on YouTube I’m grateful for all these old films for helping me locate my mind at least in the city of love. [Today's pic from:]
4. GOOD REVIEWS: Naturally I’m always grateful for a good review. And today I LOVED the review in today’s Sunday Telegraph. The highlight line: ‘Anita Heiss has carved out a niche as a lovely cheerful voice in chick-lit, down to earth and good fun.’ I’ll take that!
5. SURPRISE MESSAGES: I’m always grateful for surprise emails and text messages from old friends who just want to say something pleasant and kind. Got one today, made me smile. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

This helped make my Monday morning. Love the term 'bravo'. Any plans for Lauren to have adventures in Italy by any chance?

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Cathy -
Lauren really wants to go to Italy. We are thinking of ways to get her there... Venice Dreaming perhaps? Libby will be in Paris... perhaps one of Lauren's friends will get to Rome???

Sending peace from muggy, soggy Sydney!

Anita and Lauren

Anonymous said...

Well if it is Lauren Venice Dreaming or one of her friends in Rome, I really look forward to reading about it. Think of all the Italian films you can watch for research! Meanwhile I am enjoying hearing about how Libby's adventures in Paris are shaping up.