Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What I'm grateful for May 27...

1. INDIGENOUS ARTS AWARDS: I’m grateful to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Board of the Australia Council for awarding me the Literature Fellowship, presented at the Sydney Opera House tonight. The Fellowship means that I can spend the next two years researching and writing about the evolution and success of Aboriginal literature and publishing, specifically in the past decade. Congratulations to my tidda Lou Bennett who won the Music Fellowship, Michael Leslie who took out the Red Ochre, Crisse Longbottom who took out the Young and Emerging Award and Zane Saunders who was granted an international residency. [Pic of me with my agent Tara Wynne and lifecoach Geraldine Star]
2. THE SAPPHIRES: I was grateful for tickets to the opening night of The Sapphires at the Seymour Centre in Sydney tonight (although it was a race to get there from the SOH – thank you Mr Cabbie, but I think we both know you farted in the cab!). The story is based on the McCrae sisters - four gorgeous Koori singers from country Victoria whose biggest dream is to become as famous as their Motown idols. It is 1969, and their Supremes cover band is performing in St Kilda's Tiki Club when the sisters are spotted by a talent scout. Soon they are dreaming of fame, fortune and glamorous international careers. Instead, these Koori divas find themselves in the war zone of Vietnam, entertaining the troops. Starring Aljin Abella, Christine Anu, Jimi Bani, Kylie Farmer – the best line of the show belonged to Casey Donovan (who also owned the stage that night) when in her role of Cynthia, she said to wayward boyfriend Jim: ‘This isn’t Gone with the Wind Jimmy. I’m not Scarlett Skinnyarse. You’re talking to a Koori woman now!’ If you haven’t got tickets, then you might just be lucky to still get a seat if you click the link now... [Pic above Ms Casey Donovan and I at the afterparty]
3. ANITA HAWKINS: I’m grateful to Anita for her unconditional friendship. Her positivity and kindness makes her so easy to be around.
4. WESLEY ENOCH: I love Wesley. He is staunch. He is gorgeous. He is so incredibly talented with an extraordinary work ethic, which is demonstrated in his brilliant directing of not only The Sapphires, but also memorable productions I’ve seen including: 7 Stages of Grieving, The Cherry Pickers and The Sunshine Club. I am grateful to include him in my circle of friends, and to see him tonight. He inspires me. If you know his work you will understand why.
5. MELINDA BUTTLE: Have I mentioned her before? She’s hilarious, and although I’ve never seen her perform live; her tweets and status updates are enough to make a gal smile. Check her out on Facewaste or Twitter or better still go to one of her shows.

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