Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What I'm grateful for May 30...

1. MY NEPHEWS: I’m grateful for time with my nephews. Pizza, making a home movie and playing corners in the back seat of the car while their mum drives is all I need to make my night special. Just for the record, I always win when we play corners. [Pic of Matt and Ben dressed up as mad scientists – aren’t they gorgeous!]
2. SUNDAY IN THE OFFICE: I’m not kidding. I’m grateful for Sunday in the office because I get a lot of work done. The phone doesn’t ring. No-one is sending me emails. Hawkers aren’t walking through the doors. I don’t have to wear makeup, or clothes for that matter. I love Sundays in the office!
3. TWISTIES FOR DINNER: No, I don’t mean twist-top beer for dinner. I mean cheese Twisties. It is not something I do regularly, but when I am working to a deadline on a book, in the last week of writing I do whatever needs to be done to get it done. If it means three Red Bulls and a block of chocolate every day then so be it. After nine hours at my desk today I was so tired and brain dead when I got home, and without appetite that I was grateful for the Twisties and glass of wine I had for dinner.
4. FRIENDLY LOCALS: Do you ever just have conversations with people at the local shops? Tonight I had a yarn with two old fellas up the street, totally random. They were concerned I ate a proper dinner. I think they saw the Twisties and wine!
5. FLANELETTE PJs: Mum didn’t like the look of my sleeping attire when I did some washing there last week. I think she thought I might be cold, so she bought me flannelette pjs. To be honest, I can’t even describe the pattern on my new complete body coverage, but it doesn’t matter because they are so warm. I’m grateful to Mum and my new jammies.

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