Thursday, February 18, 2010

What I'm grateful for February 18...

February 18:
1. MAGABALA BOOKS: I think Magabala Books produces some of the most beautiful and meaningful children’s books in the country. Some favourites include Nana’s Land by Delphine Sarago-Kendrick, Tell Me Why by Robyn Templeton and Sarah Jackson, Wandihnu and the Old Dugong by Elizabeth and Wandihnu Wymarra, Creatures of the Rainforest by Warren Brim and Anna Eglitis. I’m grateful that they also publish across genres and for receiving their latest offerings this week: Grog War by Alexis Wright, Ronnie: Tasmanian Songman by Ronnie Summers and You Call It Desert – we used to live here, by Pat Lowe with Jimmy Pike.
2. LARISSA BEHRENDT : I was asked recently who my modern day pin up girl would be. I think it would have to be Larissa Behrendt. She’s got it all going on. She's a lawyer, academic, author and she's gorgeous. She's also just an all round nice person. I’m looking forward speaking alongside Larissa at Perth Writers’ Week but am going to insist that Archie Weller sit between us so that I can have some distance between me and the ‘modern day pin-up girl’. I’m grateful that I’ve got her novels Home and Legacy to gain some of her wisdom and be inspired.
3. LAPA KIDS: I am grateful for the students at La Perouse Public School. They make me smile, and they make me want to be a teacher. This afternoon I walked into the senior classroom after lunch and the kids were all reading. It was my dream vision of course. I wanted to sit and read too. Well, to be honest, at 2pm I really wanted to have a nap but I digress. I was there getting the final edits done on the next Yirra / Demon book, and today, very democratically, by a show of hands, we agreed on a title for the new book- Demon Guards the School Yard. The title is due for release in 2011.
4. FROZEN BLUEBERRIES: I’m grateful for these because they go so easily into the blender with a banana of a morning to make a smoothie. Tip: the frozen ones are cheaper than the fresh ones and are so convenient, I just grab a handful at a time! Gotta love that.
5.LAUGHTER: I laugh every day, even on the bad days. It’s essential. It’s normal – but then I also cry most days. Let’s just say I truly indulge every emotion. Today I laughed with Veronica. She doesn’t like my Moccona Cappuccino sachets, unless she’s desperate. Well, I don’t like desperados in my space, so she’s barred from my side of the kitchen area from now on. And there’s a sign that says so. Small things amuse small minds... And I was grateful for the momentary amusement.

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Marjorie said...

I know you wrote this a while ago but I came across you post via an equal enthusiasm for Magabala Books and have enjoyed exploring your blog.