Saturday, January 16, 2010

What I'm grateful for Friday January 15:

1. Flowers: The flowers above were given to me by Sue and David. They didn’t know what they were when they bought them. Apparently the florist didn’t know either, but they are cool aren’t they? Like little furry lanterns on long stems in my lounge room. I love how flowers change the whole mood of a room. They bring my whole place to life. Which sounds like I’m walking around ‘death’ when I don’t have flowers, which of course isn’t the case? But, a few blooms certainly make the difference. The stems were a kind gesture; especially given the meal I cooked for them was very average... See next gratefulness entry.
2. Polite friends: it’s fair to say tonight’s effort in the kitchen wasn’t my best. I’m glad I filled my guests up first on hors d'œuvres and garlic foccaccia, because the main event, well it wasn’t as it usually is. And there wasn’t a drop of alcohol had by anyone to make it seem just slightly better. And yet, S&D left my apartment having said it was wonderful. I am grateful for unconditional friendship that allows such minor mishaps to go unrecorded.
3. Barcelona: I love Barcelona! Today I wrote up some notes about Barcelona from my visit there in October last year. I've a chapter in my next book Paris Dreaming. The writerly escape today made me want to go back there. I like the banter with the charming waiters at Can Lluís, and the cakes from Bubó. Oh, the cakes. And the coffee. And the shopping. Of course the shopping. I love writing; it lets me escape the office and carries me to exciting places around the world, every day, without security checks, baggage carousels or long haul flights.
4. Website development: I’m in the process of having the Anita Heiss website revamped. A nice soft pink, kinda like, well I’m not sure. But it’s nice, it’s soft and it’s pink. And I just got the links to check over so I’m grateful and excited. Stay tuned for when it’s live... and all the updates are complete.
5. Lindt chocolate: milk chocolate Lindor balls. Need I say more?

Oh, if you know what the flowers in today's pic are please let me know. Ta.

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Dr Anita Heiss said...

Thank you Kathryn Heyman for letting me know the flowers are Chinese gooseberries! The mystery is solved! :)