Sunday, December 23, 2012

Review: Vullah Vunnah Nah: A Gunditjmara Lullaby


Vullah Vunnah Nah
A Gunditjmara Lullaby
Written and illustrated by Patricia Clarke
One Day Hill 2012

I know of few Aboriginal lullabies, so this one - although not from my own language group - warmed my heart. Vullah Vunnah Nah is an ancient Gunditjmara song about a rainbow and is presented as a brightly coloured book with accompanying CD for all to enjoy.

The author, illustrator and performer of the song Patricia Clarke, has long been at the forefront of a cultural renaissance in the south west of Victoria by working across art forms. She is the daughter of the late Uncle Banjo Clarke (Wisdom Man) and the late Audrey Couzins.

The CD enclosed with the book includes the lullaby sung by Patricia Clarke with Archie Roach, Stephanie Young, Shane Howard, Lee Morgan and Marcia Howard. Now, with a line-up like that, who’d want to go to sleep?

Vullah Vunnah Nah is another title supporting cultural maintenance coming out of the One Day Hill  publishing house in Melbourne. Kudos to them for their efforts in recent years.

You can buy Vullah Vunnah Nah from Booktopia  or Gleebooks.


Unknown said...

I have always loved the Tiddas' Waka Nini Yana (dodgy spelling). It's just so lovely. I can't wait to hear this one too.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Oh yes, good choice Leesa - here's a link to it on MySpace:

Unknown said...

a lullaby to lull a large Gunditjmara

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Spot on Damein Bell! Peace brother. X