Friday, December 21, 2012

Educator and writer Melanie Selemidis is grateful!

Many who don’t use social media fail to understand the wonderful connections that can be made with likeminded people in your home suburb, city, state or even across the globe. I have met many wonderful people - women in particular - who love to write and read and who share similar world views. We’ve shared ideas, laughs and words on-line and sometimes, we’ve even had the chance to meet up for dinner, cocktails and /or literary events! One such wonder is Melanie Selemidis
 Mel is an educator, blogger and writer working on her first novel Sirens of Santorini. 

I’d like to welcome Mel to my blog today and to say thank you for sharing the past couple of years on-line with me, and for gifting readings with your gratefuls today.

Mel says ‘Five things I'm grateful for’:

I'm grateful for family, friends, opportunities to grow and learn, and to teach, motivate and inspire others to live a passionate life.

1) My big fat Greek family that has held me in its loving arms, always supported me in every way and made me laugh most of all, especially my children!

2) My parents for migrating to Australia and sacrificing much to give me the best possible chance of getting an education and a better life.

3) The opportunity to teach, inspire and work with adolescents and constantly learn is something I thrive on. I love passing on my passion for books and language and for inspiring them to express themselves in new ways. I particularly love teasing out poems from them as they lack confidence and it makes me ecstatic to get them to realise that they can be writers too. I feel honoured to work as an educator despite the demands & challenges.

4) I feel blessed to live in the most liveable city in the world, Melbourne-the garden state. I live on the fringe of Bundoora Park, a diverse, native reserve perched on top of Mount Cooper, the highest point in the Melbourne metro area so after my evening walk/run I take a moment to take in the spectacular sunsets on my mountain. It's always such a special, spiritual time.  

We're also lucky enough to be able to enjoy a beach house my parents built on the Mornington Peninsula. It's what fantastic, family summer holidays memories are made of.

It makes a great retreat where I can write too. I can never be too far away from the sea-the mystery, myth and magic of the ocean has a huge pull on me. It must be why I'm so obsessed with mermaids and writing poetry, short stories and now a novel about them.

5) I'm so happy to have met so many wonderful writers via social media and to be a part of a very supportive network and inspirational community of book lovers and creative artists such as the lovely Anita and many more. It really has made a huge impact on my creative life and also on my social life, thanks to Anita.

I very grateful for Anita and for asking me to share my gratitude.

And dear lady, thank you for accepting and being so generous of spirit!


mythicDrumGirl said...

Thank you Melanie! Loved reading about your family, and of course, love that you are a twin MERMAID soul!

Hugs and Solstice blessings,


Jill said...

delightful, I'm off to the book shop tomorrow :)

Melpomene Selemidis said...

Dear Kris, thank you for reading and for your lovely comment!
I think we all have a little mermaid within us. :) Happy splashing!


Melpomene Selemidis said...

Dear Jill
Thanks for reading and for your enthusiasm but the book's not ready yet! You'll know when it is. :)



Jill said...

Well I am nothing if not enthusiastic and the staff at the bookshop were very helpful in searching all of their data bases. I wondered if they thought I was one of the customer service spies - I hope not.

So Mel, yes I need to learn some patience but after half a century - it appears not to come quickly. I will wait for the book to be published :)