Monday, December 10, 2012

Author, blogger and Tweeter Juliet Madison is grateful


Earlier this year I answered ‘Juliet’s Awkward Questions’   and so it’s an absolute pleasure to have her as a guest of mine here.  The gorgeous blogger, Tweeter and author Juliet Madison who is celebrating  the forthcoming release of her first novel FAST FORWARD – out in February 2013 –  shares with us today just a few of her gratefuls (and no, there was no prompting by yours truly!).
Five things Juliet says ‘I’m grateful for’:
1. My family: I wouldn’t be where I am today without their support, and my son’s wacky sense of humour brightens my day.
2. The writing community: I’ve made many new friends since I started writing, and I’m amazed at how supportive authors are of each other, especially with aspiring writers. I’ve learned a lot from other authors who generously give of their time and expertise, and I hope I can do the same as the years go by. Pay it forward, I say!
3. Where I live: I’m grateful for being an Australian, having a roof over my head, and living in a beautiful location surrounded by nature.
4. My publisher: I’m very grateful for Escape Publishing, the digital imprint of Harlequin Australia who offered me my first publishing contract. My debut novel, Fast Forward, will be out in February 2013. I loved writing this book and am pleased to have the backing of a great company to help get this story out to readers around the world – bring it on!
Here’s a little blurb about the book: Aspiring supermodel Kelli Crawford seems destined to marry her hotshot boyfriend, but on her 25th birthday she wakes in the future as a fifty-year-old suburban housewife married to the now middle-aged high school nerd. 
Trapped in the opposite life of the one she wanted, Kelli is forced to re-evaluate her life and discover what is really important to her. Will she overcome the hilarious and heartbreaking challenges presented to her and get back to the body of her younger self? Or will she be stuck in the nightmare of hot flushes, demanding children, raunchy advances from her husband, and hideous support underwear forever? 
 5. Anita: I’m grateful to the wonderful Anita Heiss for inviting me onto her blog to help spread some positivity. The world needs as much as it can get. Thanks Anita!
To learning more about Juliet check out her blog!
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What might you be grateful for today????


Anonymous said...

Thanks for having me, Anita! :)

Jenn J McLeod - Australia's small town storyteller said...

Nice blog ladies. Always good to stop and reflect on the things, big and small, that make us what we are today. Always lovely to learn more about you Juliet and all the best with that debut book.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Lovely to have you here Juliet, thank you for making the time to share.

And Jennifer, I agree, always good to stop and reflect on how lucky we are each day.

Much peace ladies,


Kez said...

Love the idea - and great things to be grateful for :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by to comment, Kez and Jenn. And you two are a big part of the second 'grateful' ;)

~ Juliet xo