Thursday, January 26, 2012

Five deadly men I am grateful for...

* MONTY BOORI PRYOR - Ok, I don’t want to seem like a name-dropper but the inaugural Children's Lauriette and winner of the Winner of the 2011 Prime Minister's Literary Awards (children's fiction) for Shake A Leg, is a mate of mine. I can't remember when Boori and I first met but I do remember chairing a panel he was on at the Sydney Writers' Festival back in 1998, when his memoir Maybe Tomorrow was first released. Since then he has co-authored with Meme McDonald a number of titles including  (some of which I will be reviewing here soon) and spent much of his time entertaining and educating kids in schools. I’m grateful for Boori’s work and for the friendship, laughter and generous spirit that he adds to my life. And I'm pleased to say Boori will be blogging some of his own gratefuls here very shortly... so stay tuned.

* MARK GREENWOOD: Okay now it might seem like I’m bragging, but multi-award-winning author Mark Greenwood is also a mate and another deadly fella I am grateful for. He’s the fairer of the two in the pic above (we were out celebrating birthdays that night). I’m grateful not only for Mark's friendship, but for the integrity of his work and the passion he puts into researching each and every one of his titles, many on historical characters, and mostly illustrated by his talented wife Frané Lessac (who has also blogged here previously). Congratulations to both Mark and Frané for winning the 2011 Hoffman Award (and for other shortlists) for Ned Kelly and the Green Sash. I’m also looking forward to the release of their next gem   The Greatest Liar on Earth through Walker Books in April 2012. Great cover don’t you think?

* BRYAN ANDY: Some of you may recall the handsome Bryan as my corsage carrying date for last year’s Deadly Awards (blogged about here). I’m grateful for Bryan's friendship, his positive approach to life and the work he’s currently doing with Amnesty International. And I’m very grateful that he made time for me recently and traipsed out to my favourite place, Pavilion Café at Maroubra Beach. If you haven’t been there, then please go and say hello to Sue for me. Best waitress in Sydney!

* MY MECHANIC: A good mechanic is as important to a woman as a good hairdresser. And I'm grateful that for as long as I can remember my family have taken their cars to Kevin Smith's Auto Repairs  on Perry Street Matraville. I have so much trust in the owner John Tripodi and his diligent team that I drop my Holden off and say 'Just do what needs to be done' and I feel absolutely confident in the job they perform. So, as I realised today my car is due for a service, I smiled with gratitude knowing I am never concerned about being ripped off or having a dodgy job done, because I have the best mechanics team in Sydney.

* MY PHOTO GUY: In the days where it’s do-it-yourself everything, including almost developing your own photos at stations in hypermarkets, much personal service has been removed from regular consumer activities. The thing is, I like the personal service, it makes me feel like a valued customer. And one particular place I am grateful for is Digipoint Fuji in Hillsdale, where the proprietor Harry has provided professional yet personal service to my family for, it must be a decade. Harry is like the mechanic of the photo developing and framing industry. I can leave my disk and he will print and organise my photos. I can drop off a prized print or canvas and we will frame or stretch for me without me feeling the least bit concerned. When my father passed away, Harry gave my family a beautiful framed photo of my dad for use on the coffin at the funeral. It sits in our family home now. I’ll never forget that important gift, and the only way I can truly thank him is by being a loyal customer. Do you have someone who you will always choose to go to for their service?


Emma said...

Am a BIG fan of Monty's books!! ... and yes, a trusted car mechanic is very valuable!!

ej said...

Lucky enough to meet Monty in Rocky a few years ago. Good to see he's going well. ej