Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wild storms, hilly suburbs and evening river rides…

What a sensational spring weekend in Brisbane. My characters (in my head) had a great time exploring the city with real people by their side. Here are some of the highlights we are all grateful for:

1)   LIFESTYLE MARKETS: South Bank on Friday night was alive with the aroma of freshly made churros and the sounds of girls giggling as they decided on matching  henna tattoos. I grabbed a bargain in a gorgeous cotton skirt for $10 and then a sumptuous dinner at Ole. The highlight for me though was bumping into two old friends from my childhood in Matraville. They were in town for a physios convention. My head is still spinning with gratefulness for that little gem.
2)   RANDOM CHATS: A stroll along Boundary Street, West End on any day can result in a range of conversations. On Saturday I had a yarn with an Aunty in a wheelchair telling me Vinnie’s had some wonderful new stock in, and so I followed her whispered advice and checked it out. I’m grateful just for the warmth in her voice, but I do think she may have mistaken me for someone else. I don’t care, I felt lucky to have caught her attention anyway.
3)   RIVER RIDES AT DUSK: I’m grateful for the stunning moments I had on both Friday and Saturday night as I ferried from West End to South Bank and Riverside. I really can’t compare the river experience here to anything in Sydney and it is one that could almost make me change my mind about my ‘fave city’.
4)   ROLLER-COASTER SUBURBS: I’m grateful I’d been warned about the hills of Paddington, but aren’t they truly fantastic? No other exercise routine is required, as I found out. My character Xanthe is going to be VERY, VERY fit as she simply walks up one hill, and down the next. If you go really fast in your car, which you wouldn’t of course, it’s a little like a roller-coaster…. Weeeeee!
5)   WILD STORMS: There’s something romantic about the sound of the rain and thunder, especially when you have someone to cuddle up to (or a spare pillow, or cat or whatever), and last night’s storms were truly amazing. It has been a while since I’d experienced one. I did wonder though if Brisbanites panic now when the rain is so heavy…


eating and reading said...

it is lovely to hear you loving the Brisvegas, teh roller coaster roads down the die of Toowong cemetery is always the big one for us on a quite day you can get the speed up and the second dip is wonderful. And those night storms so sexy.. enjoy your time here.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Thanks so much... I need to check out the Toowong cemetry too perhaps. One of myy characters is a funeral celebrant, another is a crime writer. And the ideas keep flowing.

My legs are sore from the hills in The Gap! And this morning, the stairs at the cliffs at Kangaroo Point. All research! Peace. :)