Sunday, October 30, 2011

I’m grateful for creative Brisbanites ...

Today (Friday) I spent many hours with the creative talents of many Brisbanites- here’s just five I am grateful for:

1.       WESLEY ENOCH: I can’t remember when I first met playwright, artistic director and gentleman Wesley Enoch, but I do know loved him almost immediately. We share a positive attitude to life and a work ethic that includes a similar insane work schedule. And that’s what we laugh about whenever we meet up in any one of Australia’s fine cities. Today I’m grateful to be working with Wesley on the I AM EORA production (mentioned in a blog post below) for the 2012 Sydney Festival, but also that we are working towards another project in 2013. Details on that one later!

2.       JENNY FRASER:   Some of you will have read about deadly artist and curator Jenny Fraser in my novel Manhattan Dreaming, others may have seen her work on CyberTribe, but those of you who haven't done either, then let me introduce you to a fabulously funny and passionate Brisbane-based woman. Today we had an engaging and entertaining meeting at the State Library of Queensland today and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with an artist I have known and admired for over a decade.

3.       TOM MOSBY:   You may know him from Masterchef but I know his as the manager of Indigenous research at the State Library of Qld. And while I can’t tell you about the project we are working on just yet, I can tell you that after today’s meeting I appreciate the way Tom Mosby's mind works and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with him.
4.       DAVID TYE: Today I had a photo shoot for the cover of my memoir, which will come out in April 2012. I like to smile, but this shoot was of a different kind and quite a challenge, so I am grateful for the talent, patience and humour of photographer David Tye in getting the job done. For those fans of the lovely Nick Earls, you might also know his authorly photographic work.

5.       AISLA MCGREGOR: Of course, I NEVER get in front of a camera without the hair and make-up done and for today’s effort in camouflaging wrinkles, spare chins and spots that weren’t beauty ones, then I’m most grateful to Ailsa McGregor who also does scary vampire make-up also!

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