Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I'm grateful for June 15...

1. PRODUCTIVITY: I’m grateful for the enormous amount I achieved today. The ‘to do list’ is shrinking.
2. DAWN McCOY: Sometimes we just click with people immediately. Do you know what I mean? For me it wasn’t hard to click with a woman who is strong, capable leader and role model for all women. The fact that she also loves to shop at Tiffany’s, eat fine food and has a wonderful sense of humour makes her a breeze to be friends with. I met Dawn in 2008 in Tampa at the Black Writers’ Reunion and Conference. We knocked around last year in Las Vegas, spending an amazing evening in the dessert with Ms Aretha Franklin. That evening (which followed me getting married in an Elvis chapel earlier) is in my Top 10 nights of my life. I am grateful Dawn is in my life and for the yarn we had via Skype today. A conversation from Sydney to Virginia, USA seemed so much closer than it would’ve been over the phone. So I am also grateful for technology that lets me yarn with friends around the globe face-to-face. It was nearly as good as being there in person. I even put on a face and fixed my hair. I stopped at donning the pearls though. And when the detox is finished then I can actually do the usual champagne toast via Skype again... oh the things I miss!
3. MY MEMORY: I’m grateful for my memory; I can remember the taste of Lindt balls dissolving in my mouth, champagne bubbles up my nose, a can of V assisting me on the stepper at the gym. I like those memories.
4. WILLPOWER: I’m grateful I was strong enough to just look at the Mars Bar and not eat it. It’s not easy, really it’s not. I’m craving chocolate.
5. DETOX 8: I need help to sleep most days, but since detoxing I’ve been sleeping like a baby, and I’m grateful for that. I’d still kill for a Red Bull though!

Today's pic is Dawn and I in Downtown Las Vegas, June 2009.

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