Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I'm grateful for June 15...

1. THE PHRASE ‘I’LL MISS YOU’: Today I was grateful to hear the phrase ‘I’ll miss you’ – not just once, but three times by three different people in three different settings. I felt very spesh hearing those very simple but important words. Thank you. Will miss you all too!
2. TARA WYNNE: I’m enormously grateful for my agent, Tara Wynne from Curtis Brown. She always has my best interests – professional and personal – as her priority. My own work rule is that I don’t want to do business with someone I wouldn’t have in my home for dinner. And so I am glad that Tara and I are friends because business would be impossible otherwise. When it comes to your agent it is a very important relationship, and friendship and caring does matter, on both parts.
3. FAITH: I am grateful for the faith I have in the universe delivering the goods. At a moment of disappointment and frustration today, I cussed and cried and then within minutes bounced back knowing that everything happens for a reason and something better is around that corner. That corner might just be in the USA, but I’m there this weekend and the universe better be there too!
4. BEING VIRTUOUS: I went out for dinner with M tonight and we were incredibly virtuous eating mainly green things. Although only one of us is detoxing, two of us will be happy when it’s over.
5. DETOX DAY 9: I’m grateful that it’s nearly over. Yes, I look better and I know I am healthier, but it is BORING!


Sara said...

Hi Anita

I pop in from time to time to see how you're doing.
I like your gratitude diary. Saw it on Oprah a few years ago, tried it when I was a bit blue one winter and found that it really shifted my thinking.

Its a really nice idea.
All the best with the dtox, maybe do a bit extra for me, I'm carbohydrate loading to get me through exams....

xox Sara, met you in Avid, in the days when I was Blonde.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hey Sara - I got the idea from Oprah as well. It makes me sit down every day and acknowledge what I am so blessed with. A good exercise for the head and heart really.

The detox was ALL carbs! I'm excited now to be back on protein... and vino :) Catch you at Avid next time. We love that store eh?

Peace, Anita

Sara said...

Indeededly doodely. It is wonderful to have Avid in my own backyard, and I'm looking forward to the launch of your new book down there.

well done with the detox and enjoy your travels.