Sunday, June 13, 2010

What I'm grateful for June 12 and 13...

1. RESPONSIBILITY BETWEEN FRIENDS: I am grateful for mutual responsibility shown between friends. Sometimes it’s all we need to get through tough times.
2. QUIET: I’m grateful for peace and quiet. Yes I know that's a bit of a contradiction coming from someone who never stops talking, but perhaps that's why I appreciate the sound of silence so much.
3. CABANA BOY: Do I really need to say more here? Suffice to say, I’m grateful for the one who brings the drinks with the pretty umbrellas. I think I need to find out his name though, it’s not P.C. for my friend and I to refer to him as ‘6 Pac’.
4. MOVING ON: I’m grateful for those much needed moments in life when you wake up and you know everything will be all right.
5. DETOX DAY 6/7: I’m grateful that it’s getting easier. I might stay off alcohol, caffeine and chocolate forever. NOT!

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