Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I'm grateful for this weekend...

1. BREAKFAST WITH JONO: I can’t remember the last time I saw Jonathan, but it was too long ago. I’m grateful we both made time to catch up over brekky down Coogee (yes, I should have shares in Ceviche, but I don’t!). It was the perfect way to begin the weekend sharing sunshine, scrambled eggs and world views. Thanks JJ.
2. COMPANY: I’ve got a house guest, and to be honest with you, I don’t really have guests often. I have a small abode and it fits me well, two cosily. And because my work on the road means being around people and talking, I kinda like my solitude at home. However, when I do have people stay I like it. They are usually close friends whom I consider family. And nearly always they’re gals. But I’ve got a bloke staying with me at the moment. I’m actually grateful for the company – this week anyway - although I have to tip-toe around in the morning and not slam drawers like I usually do. I'm actually punching the keys softly now while he snoozes...
3. DOING OTHER PEOPLE’S WASHING: That’s right, I’m grateful for the opportunity to do above guest’s washing yesterday. It confirmed for me that I’d make a terrible housewife. I realised that I find doing other people’s laundry quite boring.
4. EXERCISE: Two long walks and a visit to the gym this weekend, and after months of the same I’m grateful that the exercise is starting to work and my metabolism is finally adjusting... now pass the chocolate!
5. RAINY SUNDAYS: I’m grateful for raining Sundays because then I feel less guilty about spending time in bed reading... again, pass the chocolates!

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