Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some tips from my life coach Geraldine Star...

People often ask me how I juggle all my responsibilities, meet my deadlines, reach my goals AND manage to have a full social life with friends and family. My big secret is that for the last eight years I have had a life-coach to help me define my goals and then develop strategies to reach them, while maintaining a healthy balance in my life.

I know a number of high achieving women who also have coaches of their own, to best manage their lives and to ensure that professional goals are met without having to trade-off very significant elements of their private lives.

Tonight, I want to introduce you to my coach, Geraldine Star, and I’ve asked her to tell you about what she is grateful for in terms of her work. On top of that, Geraldine has generously offered some tips on improving your own life... she’s added a few (unsolicited) words about working with yours truly.

Working as a coach:
Sometimes I think I have the best job in the world with the opportunity to really make a difference to the lives of the people I coach. Coaching is transforming and people step into their own power during the process.

I am so grateful to the people I coach. Technology allows people to work with me from diverse places and for many different reasons. Some may have a particular project they have in mind e.g. to write a book; they may want to re-evaluate their career or life; they may be going through a transition from one job to another and need to ‘step –up’; they may be preparing for some event or for their retirement. Each person brings with them their unique experiences and to watch them flourish is extraordinary. I get so excited and proud for them when they take the challenges they bring and change them to ‘gold’.

Five tips from the coach:
1. Change is inevitable, how you manage the change, personally or professionally, is the key to a better life.
2. Nurture yourself, your health and well being is important and no one knows your body, mind and spirit like you do.
3. Maintain a curiosity about life, discover how other people have lived and met their challenges; keep reading, travel, do a course.
4. Surround yourself with positive people, experiences and get the support you need for a healthy and happy life.
5. Contribute to a better community, society, planet in whatever way you can. As Paul Kelly and Kevin Carmody’s song goes “From Little Things, Big Things Grow.

Working with Anita
I have to confess I do have one favourite client, Anita Heiss. Anita and I have worked together for many years. Coaching engagements are usually short, but with Anita, I have a different arrangement. We have moved from working through personal goals to professional strategy and to watch Anita’s emergence as a savvy, international author and speaker has been thrilling and I am so proud for her and what she has accomplished.

Last year, Anita gave the NAIDOC Week address on Aboriginal Voices: Celebrating the New Australian Literature at the Australian Consulate in New York. What a wonderful experience to see Anita on the ‘world stage.’ It’s been a fabulous journey! That's Anita and I above, in New York!


Sara Foster said...

Hi Geraldine and Anita,
After reading this, I want to book straight in! How incredibly valuable to have such positive, focused support. No wonder you're firing on all cylinders Anita! Thanks for such an interesting piece, and I wish you both every success in your endeavours.

hazel said...

The other important factor in Anita's success is that she is a hard worker

Geraldine Star said...

Thanks, Sara for your comments and good wishes. Modern technology is amazing, coaching can extend to WA as well!

Hazel, I thoroughly agree with your comment. Anita works extremely hard, not just for herself but for the many issues she is involved in. She is a wonderful role model.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Thanks Sara and Hazel! Have some clever writerly friends also adds to inspiration!

And thanks again Geraldine for all your ongoing work in helping me reach my goals.

Peace ladies!


Unknown said...

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jhon said...

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