Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 27...

1. MY STUDENTS: I had a sensational day with my young students at East Hills today. I was grateful for their enthusiasm and focus for the duration of our workshop. I’ve struggled to ensure that I am the funniest in the class, but I'm not the best at word games and today they whipped my butt. I can’t wait until next week’s workshop when we play dress ups and create characters. Oh, and we all eat chocolate while we write also, I am training them well. Pic above of some of the class today.
2. RESPECT: I demand respect in my classroom and that means only one person talking at a time. I’m grateful that my students are respectful so that the teaching and learning experience is good for all.
3. DATE NIGHT: I love Steve Carell. I thought he was a hilarious in The 40 Year Old Virgin, and fab in Get Smart, but he shone tonight in Date Night, as did Tina Fey [although she still makes me think of gun-totting red-neck Sarah Palin, so that can be distracting]. I was grateful for the massive belly laughs watching the pair on the screen tonight.
4. PIZZA NIGHT: M and I had the best ever marinara pizza and Italian vino at Cafe Ciao tonight. It was worth the wait for my ‘naughty night out’. I’m grateful for super company and excellent food.
5. GREY’S ANATOMY: I’m grateful for the show, it’s where I get to learn about... umm... anatomy! Kidding, I watch it because as you know, I like Dr Shepherd’s hair!


Anonymous said...

Well I guess I will have to try and see Date Night. Steve Carrell is a funny guy. A good laugh is a good thing at some times.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

I really like Steve Carrell. Did you see 40 Year Old Virgin? The waxing scene was hilarious!