Sunday, April 25, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 23...

1. FUN FRIDAY: Having worked a long week already and intending to work on the weekend, I gave myself today off (that’s after landing at 11am from Albury). I declared the rest of the day ‘Fun Friday’ and took my dear friend Pamela out for her birthday. Lunch at Ceviche at Coogee was delish as always and the weather was stunning. I’m grateful that my life allows me to massage my working hours to fit my personal life and the weather.
2. NEW IDEAS: Half of the work involved in being a writer is the thinking involved. In fact, I probably spend more time thinking than actually punching the keys. I am grateful for the new ideas formulated on the flights to and from Albury. Just sitting still for an hour presented me with the opportunity to just close my eyes and ‘think’ about the storyline for my next novel. And I am pleased to report that I may have it all sorted, and I’m grateful for that!
3. MY UPBRINGING: I have always been grateful for my upbringing and the loving home which I grew up in. But as I continue to read Kate Howarth’s Ten Hail Mary’s about her life as a young girl surrounded by emotional, psychological and physical abuse as well as substance abuse, I am reminded with every page how incredibly fortunate I was as a child, and indeed remain as an adult. Thank you Mum and Dad.
4. MINELLE CREED: I am grateful to Minelle who took a pic of Manhattan Dreaming in Big W, Geelong. It was the first pic taken on her iPhone, so I feel honoured about that too. Thanks Ms M. [pic above]
5. GARY LEE and MAURICE O’RIORDAN: I am really very grateful to these gorgeous guys who read on my Facebook page that I need chocolate as part of my writing process, and so they stuck some Belgian chocs in the post, intending them to see me through another week ahead of writing Paris Dreaming. My ‘care package’ also included two copies of Artlink. Thank you G&M for spoiling me! MWAH!

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