Thursday, April 8, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 8...

1. CONCEALER: I’m grateful for the miracle work of concealer – mine is from the Body Shop – especially on days like today when I’m crook and I’ve got dark circles and more bags than a carousel at the airport. By the time I finished putting paint on my face this morning, I looked almost human.
2. MAN-BRUNCH: I’ve mentioned man-bunch before. My brother Mark and his mates do it every weekend. It’s Mark’s birthday today – happy birthday Mark – and I couldn’t think of what to get him. So I called one of his friends, let’s call him ‘Andy’. I said I wanted to shout them man-brunch today (the man-brunchers are on the Gold Coast), and so Andy was charged with organising it. So, I guess I’m really grateful to Andy for coordinating Mark’s birthday present – he went to the bottlo for the bubbly, and I think he also cooked the meal. I’m also grateful to Mark’s other mate Paul, for sending me the above pic so I could see them all enjoying. I particularly like the boy’s washing in the background!
3. LINDT EGG: I didn’t take my lunch to work today because I felt so sick when I left home that I had promised myself I’d leave the office at 2pm to go home to bed. I’d eat at home then. However, committed to reaching my 2000 word daily limit and writing very slowly (I was busy wheezing and sniffling of course!), I didn’t leave the office until 4.30pm. So, I was grateful at 3pm to find a lone Lindt Easter egg sitting on top of Caro’s stationary cupboard. Oh, I’m grateful to Caro also for giving it to me.
4. RENNIKS: I’m a huge fan of Moleskins. I buy a new one for each book I write. I was given three large ones recently by my life coach Geraldine Star for the next three books I’ve got planned. But I also need to have smaller notebooks in my handbags to catch those ideas, characters, sights, sounds, conversations I experience when I’m on the bus, plane, sitting in a cafe and so on. I’ve just taken possession of a range of notebooks from Germany. The range is called Leuchtturm1917 and their notebooks come with ruled pages, squared pages, plain pages and dotted pages. All styles inspire creativity for me, so I’ve got one of everything. If I write a bestseller in any of them, I might have to acknowledge them in the credits. I’m grateful to Rennick’s at Banksmeadow for introducing me to the range.
5. BREATHING: I’m serious, you don’t realise how grateful you are for breathing, until you can’t actually breathe! I’ve been struggling the past few days due to a cold / flu thing, so I am grateful to be able to breathe through BOTH nostrils!


Emily Paull said...

Get well soon! *big hug*

Barbara Temperton said...

The notebooks sound great ... gonna rush out and buy a few to add the rack of unused ones on my top shelf. If I was those notebooks I'd disown me!

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Elimy / Emily :) - thanks so much, feeling slightly better today!

Barbara - don't worry, I've got more unused than used notebooks in my stationary cupboard but I like these new ones, they make me WANT to write more, and write NOW!

Happy Friday to you both.