Saturday, April 10, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 11...

Sorry I’ve been away, I’ve been a bit crook this week, coming good now though and let’s just say I am GRATEFUL for feeling healthier than I did earlier in the week. Here’s just a few of the other wonderful things in the world that I’m grateful for right now:
1. SWF: The 2010 Sydney Writers’ Festival program was launched on Wednesday night and I’m excited about this year’s events. I won’t lie to you; I’m pretty much excited about my role on the program and catching up with some of my favourite writers like Boori Pryor and Richard Van Camp from Canada. Check out the SWF program for what’s on where. You can find my events by hitting the ‘Author’ link and looking under the Haytches for ‘Heiss’: And if you’re looking to see where other Indigenous writers like Larissa Behrendt, Cathy Craigie, John Muk Muk Burke and Kerry Reed-Gilbert are speaking, click right HERE
2. TIFFANY’S : When a friend walks into a bar and puts a little blue box with white ribbon around it on the table before they even sit down, it’s fair to say the recipient is going to be grateful. And so I was, when it happened to me at The Clock Hotel recently. The most expensive set of playing cards one could ever expect to receive. I think they are supposed to keep me company while I am travelling, and they suggest I am expected to stay in my hotel room and play solitaire. As if! Actually, I don’t even want to take the plastic wrap off the deck, rather keep them pure and clean.
3. WORD COUNTS: I’m grateful for the small pleasures that the ‘word count’ button provides me when I am writing of a day. A good day is 2000 quality words, a great day is 3000. Right now, I’m grateful just seeing the characters unfold and hte story [Paris Dreaming] is taking shape.
4. BAVARIAN BIER CAFE : I took my brother Joe and Mum to the BBC in the Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park last night for Joe’s birthday. We had schnitzel and sauercrout, pretzels and Austrian beer. I’m grateful for places lke the BBC because they remind me of my late father who was born and raised in a little Austrian village called St. Michael in the Lungau, Salzburg. We all miss him.
5. RESEARCH: I love having to do some movie research for my new novel, and I’m just watching anything I can get my hands on with some form of Parisian content. Trashy or otherwise, they all help in creating ideas. I’m grateful for the latest from my library: Le Devorce (with Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts), La Doublure/ The Valet and Mister Lonely by Harmony Korine – actually I’m watching it as I write this!

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