Monday, April 5, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 5

1. LONG WEEKENDS: I am grateful for and gotta love waking up on Monday morning and it’s a HOLIDAY!
2. BEACH WALK: I am grateful I live close to the sea and a beach walk is possible every day - well, it’s possible but it doesn’t mean it happens every day. It happened today though!
3.AGNSW: I’m grateful the James’ family dragged me to see the Archibald’s today. And although nothing screamed out at me, sorry (I did like the portrait of Glenn A Baker), I liked hanging at the gallery and in particular the gallery shop! Yiribana Gallery is my fave spot though. Check it out if you haven’t already been there.
4. HOT CHIPS: I didn’t eat chocolate today – I know, I know, the day’s not over so there is stil a good chance that may happen. But I’m pleased to say I was very healthy after the beach walk and lunched on lots of healthy protein (fish) and vegies... but to be honest, I was really, really, really grateful for the hot chips that landed on our table at the Pavilion Cafe, Maroubra Beach.
5. OVERCAST DAYS: I know that sounds like a contradiction as my last post said I liked sunshine, but on days like today, I’m grateful for overcast weather because it allows me do things indoors without feeling guilty. On gorgeous, delicious sunny days I have to be outside, not in galleries. Today’s weather also allowed me to move somewhat slower than usual... and I did.

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