Monday, April 5, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 4...

1. BUBBLY: My name is Anita Heiss and I am a champagne socialist. I’m grateful for explosion of bubbles on my tongue which also made me... bubbly! Better still I was grateful for being able to share some with my Vixen sista, Ms Verity James.
2. BENNELONG POINT: I am grateful to live in the city with the most stunning harbour in the world, and the best vantage point is Bennelong Point. I always take my interstate and international guests there not only for the view but because of the history of the area. Named after ‘Bennelong’ of the Wangal people, the spot where the Opera House now stands is where the 29 clan groups of Sydney used to meet for ceremony and corroborees: our own bush operas. The first recorded corroboree at Bennelong Point was in 1790.
3. OPERA BAR : This is one of my favourite spots to spend a Sunday afternoon, well, any afternoon. Today we sat, ate the Opera Bar Tasting plate (see pic), soaked up the positive evergy of tourists and locals alike and had a good yarn. I’m grateful to the friendly staff there who well deserved their tip. And I’ll be even more grateful if the goats cheese I managed to drip on my silk dress (twice) comes out... Mr Dry Cleaner, we need to talk!
4. FUNKSTAR: I’m grateful that there's still covers bands around who play tunes I know the words to. I was surprised there weren’t more people (at least of my vintage) at the Wooloomooloo Bay Hotel to enjoy the grooves of Funkstar tonight.
5. SUNSHINE: I’ m grateful that the forecast showers didn’t hit Sydney and that sunshine lit up the harbour and put on a perfect show for my guests. Not only does the sun help my body produce Vitamin D, it simply makes me feel happier as it hits my face. But, I always have 30+ under the face paint though, don’t want any nasty wrinkles now do we?

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