Saturday, April 3, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 3...

1. BCHCB: I’m grateful for Belgian Chocolate Hot Cross Buns – need I say more?
I like getting a pedicure simply to sit in the massage chair. I am grateful for the mechanised kneeding and knocking my back gets on the odd occasion.
3. FRENCH FILMS: I’ve been feeling very cultured of late and for that I am grateful to some French films. I’m watching whatever I can get my hands on as part of getting into the Paris Dreaming head space as part of the writing process. The most recent films are: The Man Who Loved Women . Love to hear if you have any thoughts on this movie and the ‘legs man’ who in recent times would be considered a sex-addict / stalker! The flick I watched last night and LOVED was My Wife is an Actress. I can’t wait to get to Paris again in July!
4. RANDOM MEETINGS: I bumped into a male friend in the women’s section of a department store today – yes I thought the same at the time, then learned his wife had sent him on an errand. In a quick catch up, we talked community organisational politics, careers paths and losing weight. While I was in a rush, I was grateful for the random meeting because it had been ages since we’d had a yarn. He then went and bought his wife a jacket, and I went to buy two boxes of chocolates, of course.
5. ME TIME: I’m having a great start to the long weekend: a cruisy drive home from Canberra, a quick visit to the gym, some domestics, cooking a roo curry, a long phone call with my tidda Jake in Cairns, shopping with Mum... lots of what I’d call ‘me time’. I’m grateful to be able to slow down a bit after a hectic schedule with the book tour etc.


TEZ said...

Hi Anita, just caught up with your recent blog-posts, always an uplifting experience for me with my comparatively "hum-drum" lifestyle ! Got a good giggle outta both 'bravo' and 'brinner'..,glad to here you're enjoying those 'frog-flicks'.. the 'world movies' option is my choice on the cable TV ,within a few minutes sub-titles don't bother me and I find myself repeating dialog with an accent ! Good to know you got some 'me time ' in, enjoy the weekend but go easy on the bilbys !!

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hey Tez - so wonderful to see you here. I am with you with the sub-titles. After a while it's easy to do both - read and watch. Although, I'm not sure I'm doing the accented dialogue! :) Perhaps I'll try it with the next movie.

Hope you had a sensational Easter!
Me? I ate too many hot cross buns!

Peace, Anita xx