Friday, April 23, 2010

What I'm grateful for April 22,,,

1. CSU ALBURY : I am so, so, so grateful to the Murray School of Education for the invitation to deliver the Bob Meyenn Lecture at Charles Sturt University in Albury. Aside from being able to talk to an interested audience about Indigenous literacy, it was wonderful to touch down in Wiradjuri Country once more. It had been 12 years since I lasted visited the town, and now I can’t wait to go back.
2. ALBURY COMMUNITY: It is normal for me to be anxious before a public speaking event. And so I am always grateful for warm, inviting and generous audiences who make my job on stage easier. The Albury community at the Henry Nowik Auditorium last night made my job a breeze. After a welcome to country by Aunty Nancy Rookes and her great grand-daughter Tjanarra I delivered my lecture and then had the chance to mingle with the locals. In short, I had a ball. The pic above is of Judy and Catherine Cue who were both reading my novels and are part of a community reading group where once you’ve read a title you write your name in the cover and pass it on to someone else. I like it that everyone shares and each reader can see who else has read the book for future conversations. Of course, I like people to buy my books also :)
3. ZED BAR : Who would’ve thought that Australia’s #1 Regional Bar was in Albury! Well it is. I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit there, get a pic taken in the cane chair (see above) and talk to locals and visitors who had also been at the lecture. If you’re in Albury check it out, but be prepared to yell, the DJ was obsessed with having the music so loud it was deafening, even though after 11pm there were only five people there (ok, so we were the last to leave!).
4. GEORGIA MACGUIRE: Ms Georgia came to hear me speak and then chauffeured me from hall to bar to hotel. Thanks Ms G, I am grateful not only for that, but for sharing some time with me and ‘the chair’!
5. LEMON MERINGUE CHEESECAKE: It is true that as part of researching for Manhattan Dreaming I ate a lot of New York cheesecake (well a lot of everything) and I thought I’d tasted some of the best in the world. Well, STOP PRESS! I do believe that last night’s dream dessert of lemon meringue cheesecake with clotted cream and lemon oil was close to the best cheesecake I have EVER eaten. Served at The Atrium Restaurant in the Hotel On Olive, the smoked chicken salad beforehand was pretty deadly as well. I am grateful for such wonderful desserts. So what if I have to spend an extra three hours in the gym! (Thank you CSU for a wonderful meal also!).


Unknown said...

You are very welcome, it was fun. Look forward to your return... only next time lets not party on a school night... :)

Judy said...

Hi Anita,

It was great hearing you talk about your experiences, your opinion on some things and sharing your sense of humour. I enjoyed the night listening about your journey so far in your life and stories that help create your books.

A little more about the community group passing your books around we are all Aboriginal women who live in Albury and Wodonga. We have laughed and discussed the characters from the books and have even related them to some family members and/or friends we have. I look forward to buying and reading your next book. I am doing some sessional teaching at La Trobe this semester and I mentioned to the library staff(the next day)about getting in all your books in. I just have to provide the details to them for this to occur.

My friend Karin who has also read your books and who was meant to come to your talk, was away and asked me to take some notes for her but I am is going direct her to your blog.

All the best.



Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hi Georgia - totally agree re the school night! But for me, it was work - I was 'researching' remember!

And hello Judy- was lovely to meet you and thank you for your support. Should I have you on commission? :)

Thank you also for directing people to my blog, I there is something here for them. Much peace and look forward to catching up when I get back to Albury. I'd be happy to speak to your community group and meet the girls.

Peace, Anita