Monday, February 15, 2010

What I'm grateful for today...

February 15
1. CAROLINE’S BACK: I was excited to walk into my office today and see my office-mate back after two months away. It’s not like we chat all day, or sit around drinking coffee. In fact we’ve never had a coffee in the office together in the last 12 months. It’s just nice knowing she’s there. Especially when something exciting happens for either of us – it’s nice to share. And to share the angry and frustrating moments too. You know what I mean. So, I’m grateful Caro’s back.
2. AUSTRALIAN WOMEN’S HEALTH MAGAZINE: It’s a good read on so many levels. I love the ‘fitness tips’ and this month’s workout cards. This month there’s also some particularly interesting advice in the article ’21 foods for better sex!’ I’m regularly eating at least 12 of the foods listed! But of course, I’m most grateful for the article Tara Ali has done on me in this month’s publication. Titled WHAT ANITA HEISS WANTS... it’s a story on my writerly life, with a few basic tips on how to get started... The March edition is out now!
3. PERTH WRITERS’ FESTIVAL: I’m grateful for the invitation to attend this year’s festival and I’ll be winging my way over there next week. I’m speaking on two panels, one with Larissa Behrendt and Archie Weller titled Indigenous Voices, and another with some deadly women writers titled Escaping the Pigeonhole. I’m also launching MANHATTAN DREAMING over there... see the invitation above. Love to see you if you’re in Perth on March 1st!
4. MANHATTAN DREAMING ART PARTY: What a week of event organisation... I am humbled and grateful to the State Library of QLD who are throwing yours truly a MANHATTAN DREAMING ART PARTY after an ‘in-depth conversation’ with the fun and fabulous Kim Wilkins . This soiree will happen at the SLQLD on March 17 and it’s FREE! So if you’d like to frock up and have a few laughs click here and book a seat! Kim and I have a few little tricks up our sleeves for some fun!
5. BIG BANG THEORY: It’s so well written! The cast so well, umm, cast! I think I love Sheldon the most, and particularly enjoy the screaming matches between Howard and his mother. Too funny. Who’s your favourite character?

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