Monday, February 15, 2010

What I'm grateful for February 16...

1. NAIDOC in NYC: Yes, it’s like being struck by lightning twice – but in a good way. I get to celebrate NAIDOC in New York again (I had it there in 2008) speaking at the Australian Consulate, and lecturing about my favourite subject – Aboriginal literature. It is happening a little earlier than back home but we Kooris are always flexible! If you’re in the city that never sleeps, please come along. The invitation is above!
2. WOLLONGONG LAUNCH: I’m really, really looking forward to the lovely poet and Director of the South Coast Writers’ Centre – who also happens to be my dear friend – Ms Ali Smith, launching Manhattan Dreaming in Wollongong on March 4. I have a fondness for Wadi Wadi country and always have a ball there. Invitation above, so please click on for details and come along if you’re free.
3. CANADA BAY EVENT: I’m always grateful to libraries and librarians. I need them as much as they need books! And I love the flyer the mob at Concord Library have put together for my event there on Tuesday, March 11. Please come along and say hello if you’re in the area. Click on the image above for all the details.
4. ETCHINGS: I have gratefully received in the post a copy of the anthology Etchings Indigenous: Black and Sexy published by Ilura Press and I’m looking forward to taking it to bed tonight.
5. DINNER AT MUM’S: I’ve been starving all day. I had porridge for breakfast and lunch, a small tin of tuna and a pear. And I’m HUNGRY. I just called Mum.
‘What are you having for dinner?’
‘I’m making pancakes, do you want come down?’

Thank you Mum!

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