Friday, February 12, 2010

What I'm grateful for Friday Feb 12...

Friday February 12
1. PURPLE GOANA: Today I was grateful for the creamy wattle-seed crocodile baguette with salad and fries, in Redfern. Yes, you read that correctly. The Indigenous owned cafe on Redfern Street serves bush tucker in contemporary meals. They also do catering – I walked out with a fruit platter for a meeting later that afternoon – but if you just want a quick taste of roo or emu drop in and say g’day to Corey and the rest of the crew. You can check them out on Facebook
2. BLUE VEIN CHEESE: I love the taste, and yes, even the smell. Tonight I had it on my roo salad and the left-overs on crackers. I’m grateful for the delicious addition to my kitchen but not for the extra two hours of exercise tomorrow!!
3. RED UNDERWEAR: Just like red cars, they go faster! I’m grateful for any assistance in moving faster through the day.
4. BLUE SKIES: There’s something definitely special about waking up and walking early morning under clear blue skies. It makes me smile, and I’m grateful for such a stunning way to start the day.
5. GREENER PASTURES: I formally left my position as National Coordinator of Black Words: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Writers and Storytellers research community this week. It was a hard thing to let go of something that had been part of my life – day and night – since August 2006. But I am confident that those taking over my role – Sam Faulkner and Jeanine Leane, both based at the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies – will ensure the site will explode with fantastic and culturally valuable material. Me? I’m grateful for working with a great team over the past three years – the team includes Yaritji Green (Flinders), Jake Milroy (UWA), Janine Dunleavy (UQ) and Elizabeth Hodgson (UoW). And that’s the team above... miss you all already!


liz Mclean said...

Hey Anita, Hope u are well, and have a very happy valentine day to you , Blue Vein Cheese is so yummy, I used it in my pasta dish which has 4 cheeses it`s so nice to make , red under wear have got any , nice colour Anita you will look good in red , Blue Skies make a great way to start the day, love blue colour I`m glad waht you do in life keep up the great work Anita, happy weekend lot`s of huggs take care love Liz

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hey Liz - Oh... four cheese pasta, so evil, so wonderful. Makes me hungry thinking about it right now! Love the blue sky yes, but truly, am loving the rain in Sydney right now! Is it wet where you are?
I hope you had a fabulous weekend and Valentine's Day. I've just eaten TOO many Lindor balls :)

Peace, Anita