Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What I'm grateful for...

Wednesday February 10:
1. BABY SHOWERS: I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about having one before. Really. They are so much fun. The mother-to-be gets showered in love and chocolates and all good things. And when you give birth to books you can still drink wine and no-one rubs your belly. I am grateful to all the wonderful friends and fans that came along to Avid Reader last night to celebrate the pending birth of Manhattan Dreaming. The event was blessed by the presence of the deadly Jackie Huggins (see pic) and two of my favourite artists – Judy Watson and Gordon Hookey – both whom appear in the novel.
2. JACKIE HUGGINS : I can’t remember when I met Jackie for the first time, but I know we were both emerging writers at the time. I remember being at a Black Women Writer’s Conference in Brisbane in 1993. Jackie and I did a song writing workshop with Toni Janke... and from memory, the song writing was better than the song singing!!!! Either way, Jackie has been a staple in my life since then. I admire her elegance, dignity and ability to get a political point across to a broad ranging audience. And she’s a deadly writer also. Get hole of Jackie’s books Aunty Rita and Sistergirl.
3. MY READERS: Writers need readers; else what would be the point in putting pen to paper and killing trees to print thousands of books. I am grateful to all those readers who, for whatever reason(s), choose to read my books. I was so pleased to see so many familiar faces last night, but there were also a lot of ‘new’ ones. So, thank you!
4. MANHATTAN (the cocktail): I don’t know who’s idea it was, but at some stage last night it was suggested we drink Manhattan’s. It was possibly the most horrible liquid I have ever consumed. Bourbon, vermouth, bitters and a cherry. Well, it’s done now. One was enough. And now I’m grateful I’ll never have to have another one!!!!
5. JULIE MCCROSSIN : Today I was interviewed by the ever-personable and full of energy Ms Julie McCrossin. The ten-minute chat was for QANTAS Inflight audio and will be on all domestic and international QANTAS flights in April. How excitement eh? I mean for a girl from the burbs. I was grateful for Julie [yes, we're on first name basis now] being so friendly and making me feel completely at ease immediately.

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