Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I'm grateful for January 9:

Saturday January 9:

1.Wylies Baths: It’s amazing what some wooden planks, a massage-by-the-sea service, a coffee shop and a rock pool can do for an otherwise back-packer infested suburb. I love Wylie’s Baths and the fact they serve coffee in REAL cups to save the environment. Clearly the $3 entrance fees keeps the backpackers down on the sand... and away from me, yay! Click the link above and see how stunning the place is... really.
2. Bernardine: My cousin Bernardine is the funniest woman I know – next to me that is. Spending time with her is like having front row at the comedy store. I really want her to write a book, but instead she just wants to gift me some of her best material. What am I to say to such an offer other than, ‘Thank you!’ [Pic of B and I above from my Sydney launch of Avoiding Mr Right in 2008]
3. Black Arm Band : Opening night of the Sydney Festival was kicked off in the Domain by the extraordinary talents of the Black Arm Band – made up of Jimmy Little, Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Shellie Morris, Emma Donovan, Lou Bennett, Dan Sultan and a cast of other stars. There must have been over 100,000 people there and my guess is that they could all sing better than I can, and that was the only downer!
4. Leg-work @ the gym: I love doing leg work at the gym, because for the most part, it means I am sitting down (on machines!).
5. Hanging with my bro: OK, I’m not an idiot, I do know that my 28 year old brother is only hanging out with me two nights in a row – and on the weekend – because his mates and girlfriend are away. But I’m grateful for the time we get to yarn also. Not sure who ironed his clothes tonight.


TEZ said...

Hi, Anita !
Wow ! Why didn't I click here sooner ?
This is great !
I couldn't resist posting my 1st comment here when I saw you'd mentioned Wylies Baths !!
As a kid I virtually lived down there..(actually..I lived in Beach St.,in the block bordered by Oberon & Neptune )..and it holds a lot of memories as well as being a place I try to get to when I'm in Sydney.
I enjoy a good coffee but when I was a regular down there, an ice block and maybe a bag of Smiths chips was pretty much all they had to offer !

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Great to see you here.
We love Wylie's Baths eh? Such a calming, peaceful place, even when there's squads in the pool. Sounds like you had prime pozzie in Coogee when you were a kid. Lucky you! Ice-blocks!! I remember them! Happy days eh? :0