Saturday, January 9, 2010

What I'm grateful for January 8:

Friday January 8:
1. Cone of silence meetings:
clearly I can’t say anything here... it all happened in the ‘cone of silence.’ Fair to say these meetings are usually about exciting news bound by an embargo date, or it’s nasty gossip - pleased to say it’s the former.
2. Coffee @ Surfing Ramps: I exist in an office by myself a lot of the time, and it gets a bit boring having a one-sided conversation. Needless to say I win every argument. I’m always grateful then for the invitation to have morning tea with the mob across the hall. I talk non-stop and they nod politely, and today I didn’t have to put anything in the swear jar, so that’s a bonus! 
3. My ability to iron: You may think I’m odd, but I like to iron. At least you see results for your labour. And no, I’m not doing your ironing! I’ve been ironing since I was a teenager at school. My brothers never had to iron though, and I could never get a get a straight answer from my parents as to why they didn’t have to. Of course, you and I both know why. I remember when I lived on the Gold Coast in 1998 and Mum came to visit. My brother called on the third day and said, ‘Mum has to come home. It took Dad and I an hour to iron my school shirt.’ She got a flight home that night.
4. Coastal drive with brother: My brother bought a new vehicle. He seems so grown up in it. And I’m sure he irons occasionally now too. Anyways, we cruised the eastern beaches and I liked being a passenger for a change.
5. Wax strips: as with the cone of silence – can’t say any more, but happy for you to be creative.

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