Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What I’m grateful for today:

1. My brother Mark’s sense of humour. He is one of the funniest guys I know.
2. Bumping into Aunty Gloria Martin at the local shops and having a good yarn.
3. Talking to Shelley Gare on the phone, albeit it briefly, inspired me. Shelley and I met in Geraldton in September, sharing an apartment as part of the Big Sky Festival. And we had some really life-changing conversations over that time and later down in Perth. She’s a wise woman, and if you haven’t read her book The Triumph of the Airheads – And The Retreat From Commonsense
then you should! Shelley’s Mum, Nene Gare wrote The Fringe Dwellers.
4. My quick reflexes. I skilfully dodged a serious car accident when someone drove right through a stop sign in front of me.
5. A great end of year session with my life coach helped me consolidate 2009 and plan for 2010, and now I feel like I can take my ten days off and not be concerned about chaos when I go back to the office come early January.
A pretty good day all round!

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