Saturday, November 26, 2011

E Words I am grateful for today...

Today, here's just a few E words that I'm grateful for... what about you?
1. ELSIE: My Mum’s name is Elsie! Everyone loves Elsie. When I mention to someone I meet on the road that I am Elsie's daughter, they quickly lunge into a monologue about how they know her and how wonderful she is. And of course she is. It seems that everyone loves my Mum. Sometimes their affection for makes me wonder if I love her enough, but of course I do, she is my best friend. There is nothing I would be embarrassed to tell my mum, and for that I am grateful. (Pic above is of Mum when she won NAIDOC Elder of the Year in 2009. And that’s my sis Gisella)

2. ELEGANT: The word elegant also sums up my mum. She is the most stylish, dignified woman I know... and I don’t mean in the way she dresses, but in the way she carries herself, especially in hard times and in public. I am grateful she has taught me the same (or is trying to!).

3. ELEPHANTS: My father rarely asked for more than he had, and when it was time to make a wish on his birthday cake, he would always laugh and say, ‘I wish I had enough money to buy an elephant.’ I’m not sure why but whenever I see elephants I think of my late father, Joe. What funny sayings did /does your father have?

4. ECCENTRIC: I much prefer to be called ‘eccentric’ than strange, weird, kooky or quirky!

5. ENTHUSIASM: I’m grateful for the enthusiasm of all the students I worked with this week at St Patrick’s College in Campbelltown. They were extraordinarily engaged in the writing workshop we shared and in sharing their writing with each other. They made my working day a total pleasure.

6. EGGS: Poached, scrambled, fried, boiled, mashed, sunny side up, run, Benedict, Florentine, frittatied, nogged and of course Easter! I’m grateful for them all!

The pic above is of my father at my farewell from Sydney to Canada back in 1995! Both of us had chubby faces back then!


Cathy said...

This is a great selection of 'E' words Anita. I love your words describing your mum. She sounds like a great lady.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Thanks Cathy - I think we all feel our mum's are the best eh? And I've met yours, she's great! :)