Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm grateful for the Yarraga Debutante Ball...

Last Friday I attended the Yarraga Debutante Ball at the Cowra Services Club. It was nothing like my own deb ball back in 1985, where we waltzed with our partners and our fathers and were presented to the Cardinal. Rather, the gorgeous young Koori debutantes of Cowra danced to the deadly choreography of Michaela Jeffries (pictured above with myself and debutante Stacey Ashe), as their partners in black suits and pink ties escorted them with style, presenting them to me as they entered the auditorium.

For me it was one of those WOW moments in life. To be home on Wiradjuri country among many of my Williams family members – elders, cousins, friends – and to be part of a night that celebrated our youth and their future.

I’m grateful to Beatrice Murray (pictured with me below) - ball coordinator and teacher at Cowra High School - for the invitation to have a role in the event, because in short, I left inspired by our beautiful young people.


Jeff said...

Hi Anita. It sounds like it was a brilliant occasion indeed. Aside that, I wanted to say that I've been reading more Australian literature of late [which is a contrast for me, I usually read books by foreign writers]. And I've been investigating names of indigenous Australian writers too, looking through a list and reading some information led me here.

Even though I'm a guy and it was said in a number of quotes about the books being 'chick lit', I still liked the descriptions and am drawn to them. In the past there have for example been shows supposedly for more a female audience but I still enjoyed them.

When I think about it, there's a brilliant show being screened on FOXTEL atm [originally developed and screened on SBS] called The Circuit about a man with a mixed-background who goes to uncover his roots. It's given me more passion about indigenous matters in Australia.

Jane Jeffries said...

It was a great event and Beatrice should be very proud of herself. I job share with Beatrice and she is one of the most patient, kind and nurturing people I have ever met. Organising a debutante ball is a huge job (I also organise one each year for the Cowra Rugby League) and Beatrice did an amazing job. Mak Jeffries is very talented and she did an AWESOME job with the dances. It was a privilege for all of Cowra to have you there! I can't wait to attend next year's Koori Ball at Cowra!

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Dear Jeff - sorry for delayed reply! Thanks so much for your note and I'm glad you're enjoying what some call 'chick lit'. I hope that my stories are universal, regardless of genre. And THE CIRCUIT was a brilliant series! Peace, Anita

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Dear Jane - thank you also. It was an honour to be asked to be part of the celebration. I'm smiling now remembering it. Beatrice did an extraordinary job indeed. And looked gorgeous. I'm going to pinch that dress from her :)
Peace, Anita