Friday, May 21, 2010

What I'm grateful for May 21st...

1. RICHARD VAN CAMP: What a wonderful storyteller Richard van Camp is. Truly engaging, inspiring, entertaining and wise. Richard and Boori Pryor collectively had the audience in the Bangarra Mezzanine captivated for the hour we shared the stage at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. I was grateful for the opportunity to chair this session on First Nations Voices because hands down it was the highlight of this year’s festival for me.
2. A&U BASH: I missed the Random House author dinner last night because I was out at Blacktown, so I was grateful to get to the Allen and Unwin bash at the swish Ottoman Restaurant where we celebrated another year of fantastic Australian writing. In that celebration we toasted this week’s Premier’s Literary Award win for the Macquarie PEN anthology of Australian literature. Kudos to all those involved, including Pete Minter my co-editor on the Aboriginal content. Loved hanging out at the party with Leigh Hobbs (pictured with Boori and I), Susan Skelly and the mob from the Brisbane Writers’ Festival.
3. EMMA AND AMY: I made two new friends made at the A&U bash. Emma and Amy it turns out know two friends of mine from separate lives. Although I was like and older Aunty we hit it off and headed out into the night air to find food at some unhealthy hour!
4. MAMAK: I am grateful to E&A who introduced me to Mamak in Chinatown! Food was delish. I’ll be going back for sure, check it out here!
5. COMMON SENSE: Yes, even I have it on the odd occasion. And now and then I take notice of it. Like when it tells me to let the young ones go out to karaoke and dance, and that I should go home. I was grateful that I took my common sense to bed by midnight, just like Cinderella.


Unknown said...

Hi Anita, It's Amy - Oh my head is growing so big being mentioned in your post alongside yummy Mamak! Emma & I had a fantastic time with you on Friday - drop me a line so we can organise a glass or two of wine soon. xo

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Amy - I want to see you when I get back to Oz! Get Ms Kelly to arrange it ok. Love your work!

Anonymous said...

Sweets! Excellent - Ms K is OS at the mo, sunny herself. But I will definitely make it happen as we need some laughs me thinks.