Thursday, May 13, 2010

What I'm grateful for March 11...

1. INSTYLE AWARDS: I went to the InStyle Women of Style Awards tonight, and I was grateful for the opportunity to meet some fabulous women working in a range of fields. And of course it was fun to get frocked up – thanks again Charlie Brown for being one of the few designers to make dresses for women with breasts - to see some stars up close and personal and, more than anything, I was grateful I didn’t trip on the red carpet.
2. SIDONIE CARPENTER : My fabulous brother was my escort for the evening – he always looks fab in a suit and I can boss him around so he makes the perfect date. But neither of us knew anyone else, so I was grateful to meet friendly and fabulous nominee in the Environment category, Sidonie Carpenter and her husband Ian. The couple engaged us in conversation until the event ceremony began and we headed to separate tables. Sidonie is a landscape architect and President of Green Roofs Australia Inc., and she creates green roofs and walls. Most impressive!
3. DR. TAMMIE MATSON: So, we said goodbye to Sidonie and Ian and headed to table 13 which was unlucky for me, but lucky for Dr Tammie Matson who was the winner of the Environment category for her work as an Australian zoologist and author specializing in human-wildlife conflict. Tammie and her husband Andy – who is the Executive Director of Earth Hour Global - were barrels of fun, so I was grateful for the seating plan who sat us together. Although I must say, seated at tables of four felt more like a double-date than an awards ceremony, but I’m not complaining, just making an observation, as writers do. :)
4. AUDI: It’s a novel idea to have a car pick you up for an event, and much better than catching the stretch Mercedes isn’t it? So, I’m grateful to sponsor Audi who provided not only a gorgeous car to get me to the event, but moreso, I’m grateful to the driver Ian. I’m aware the drivers were told not to talk to the clients, but I am so grateful mine didn’t heed the directive. We talked about everything from golf to Jessica Rowe (whom he also picked up). Kudos to you Ian, I reckon you’re a star.
5. GIFT BAGS: I’m grateful for the gift bag I received tonight which included goodies from Oroton, Audi (no it was not a set if car keys), Lindt (my fave), Longines (a great pen for book signings), Virgin airways and SK-II. I’m a very lucky lady.

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