Monday, February 22, 2010

What I'm grateful for February 22...

1. WALKS AT DAWN: I love my morning walks. I’m grateful for a daily schedule that allows me the time to pound the pavement as the sun rises. The locals I pass smile and / or say good morning as I clear my head and plan my day to the sound of music loaded onto my iPod by a generous friend.
2. FAMILY BANTER: I’m grateful for the banter that goes on with my siblings when we pass at Mum’s house on the weekend. Sometimes it’s about the weather, or the beach, or sharing advice on careers , or giving unsolicited comments on relationships. Sometime’s there’s no serious substance to our yarns at all, but I really like the opportunity that weekends often provide to simply catch up.
3. SISTA-TIME: I’m grateful for the deadly women in my life and our ‘sista-time’. I always feel inspired and at peace with the world after catching up with them over coffee or a cocktail, a movie, a walk or just on the phone.
4. SUMMER BREEZE: ‘Summer breeze, makes me feel fine...’ thank you Seals & Crofts. I’m grateful for the song, but more-so the southerly that blows up at my place of an afternoon, especially on these hideously muggy days of late.
5. VEGEMITE: I know the international readers will be cringing at Vegemite, but it’s an Australian staple. And I love it. I had it today on toast. It’s great on muffins, crumpets and even raisin toast. It’s great in jaffles with tuna, creamed corn, cheese and chilli. I kid you not! As kids we had it on Vita Wheats and we’d squeeze little Vege worms out. I’m grateful for its rich source of Vitamin B also. Hey, have you ever noticed the colours on the label of Vegemite ... red, black and yellow... and some tokenistic white! For the brave North Americans who want to try it, check out the About Australia website


Unknown said...

Actually not all non-Aussies and non-Kiwis hate or cringe at Vegemite. I'm a Yank and first had it years ago in Israel of all places. Since then I've loved it and have it at least three times a week - when I can get it. (The websites where I can get it in the US run out of it too often.) When I have friends going over I ask them to bring it back for me. And I've been over twice to OZ and once to NZ so I stocked up and brought back several large jars for myself along with the Vegemite crackers and snack packs. I actually came back last time with one checked suitcase full of Vegemite product; that was fun going through customs but in the end it was OK. I've even tried the new Vegemite - but while it is OK I still prefer the original.

Anonymous said...

Vegemite is excellent and an absolute necessity. Each time I come home to Australia, it is one of the things that travels back in the suitcase - the largest jar possible too.

June said...

we have cheesy mite too - the kids love their vegemite.

Anonymous said...

The people who have bad experiences with Vegemite usually try to spread it like peanut butter. But less is more with Vegemite! I've been addicted forever and the hardest part of a diet is making Vegemite on toast for my son and not getting to eat any!

Pamela Freeman

Unknown said...

Hi June -
Yes I was sent a jar of the CheesyMite when it was first released and they were having the contest for the new name. I don't know - It's nice but I still prefer the more robust taste of the original Vegemite for some reason.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Hey Peter -
Great to find a fan of our favourite yeast extract / morning spread in America! I can just see you going through customs. How hilarious!!!
Peace from south of the equator!

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Cathy - When traveling the jar of Vegemite is as important as the passport! :)
Happy Wednesday to you,

Dr Anita Heiss said...

June - never tried Cheesymite, and I'm thinking, I'm OK with that! :)

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Pamela -
I think you're right. You need to 'treat' Vegemite with the spreading respect it deserves!
Good advice!

TEZ said...

As well as Vegemite, there are at least 3 similar , and I think better yeast spreads available in "oz"...they are, in order of preference ....

1; Promite, 2; Marmite,3; Mightymite.

I place Vegemite a distant 4th ! The other three seem not as salty by comparison.
It seems that Cheesymite was inspired by the popular vegemite & cheese slice sandwich - a school lunch box staple "back in the day" , the creaminess of the cheese offsetting the saltiness of the vegemite ,Cheesymite doesn't do it for me,but to each their own !
Perhaps I could inspire you Anita (and your readers) with my 'fave' combo..., any of the above 'mites' spread thinly over fresh buttered bread or toast and topped with a liberal smear of tahini
(sesame seed paste) .
Go on, give it a try !!

liz Mclean said...

Vegimite alway`s picks me up when I `m feeling down, I don1t like cheesy mite , it`s yuk, vegimite is better for you , it`s has vitamin B in it, so i think i will stay with vegimite , love to you , great blogs again Anita . oxox