Monday, December 28, 2009

What I'm grateful for...

December 28:
1. Friends who offer their beds to guests: I am grateful, always, to my friends who offer their own beds to sleep in when I visit. It’s something I gave up long ago. You can have the sofa bed or the floor, or a borrowed folding bed, but you can’t have my bed, sorry. So I was grateful to wake up in my friend's king size bed with presents sitting on the end of it this morning. I am a lucky, lucky gal with very generous, kind friends. I’m not quite sure what I have ever done to deserve such kindness. Perhaps I have too much knowledge about them in ‘the vault’ for them to treat me any other way... But such kindness shouldn’t be questioned, just appreciated... oh, and enjoyed.
2. Air-conditioning: really, it is a necessity here in WA. It’s really hot. So I was glad that although I had to ride backwards on the train from Perth to Fremantle that at least I could do it in air-conditioned comfort.
3. Somerville @ UWA: it’s like Moonlight Cinema in Centennial Park, but smaller, naturally, because everything is bigger and better in Sydney as you know. It was nice to sit with Norman and Jan, almost as nice to sit with F&M, not so nice to fight with ants and mozzies and torturous to eat more ham (kidding Frane, don’t be so sensitive!). Mark unsuccessfully tried to roll Jaffas down the aisle while we watched Seraphine My friend Frane is an ‘outsider artist’ like Séraphine Louis.
4. Complimentary entry to the pool /gym: OK, so it wasn’t so much a complimentary pass as it was sneaking in without paying. Don’t blame me. Frane said it’s what everyone does in Fremantle and I’m just trying to fit in. I will pay tomorrow!
5. Google Maps: It’s not a long walk from the Fremantle train station to my current accommodations, but it was far enough to get lost. I could’ve got a cab, or the free CAT bus, but I wanted to drag myself through the heat instead. When I realised I was in a street I’d never seen before I didn’t use the ‘blacktracker’ ways many think I’m born with. Rather, I pulled out the iphone, Googled the street and was home shortly afterwards.

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