Thursday, December 31, 2009

What I'm grateful for today...

December 31st:
1. Earplugs: I’ve become reliant on earplugs to have a decent night’s sleep. And never have they come in more handy than when I needed to block out the lapping and licking sounds of a dog the size of a horse outside my door. They also help in blocking out the snoring sounds of someone in the next room who shall remain nameless. For the ultimate cacoon experience I wear my mint green and pale pink eye-mask.
2. Beach walks: Ledge Point is simply stunning. There is no other way to describe it. The beach was fairly bare this morning except for some dogs and off-road vehicles – which I’ve always found a contradiction. Cars are for roads, not for the beach. Buckets and spades, beach balls and surfboards are for the beach. But I can’t say too much, I was in one of the vehicles. Once out the walk on the extraordinarily soft sand that is found in WA, was heavenly.
3. Animated friends: VJ is animated, to say the least. And I love that. When she sees her dogs barking with fits of excitement on the beach she demonstrates to me that are saying ‘We’re at the beach! We’re at the beach!’ At this point you need to visualise that she is saying this while doing jumping sidesteps along the shore-line. Of course, when I see / hear the dogs, I simply see two dogs barking. It is agreed that it is not a good idea for me to get a dog, or pet of any description.
4. Grated cheese: I love that the work is already done and you can buy it in bags in the supermarket. Not that I mind grating cheese myself of course, but she who does not cook is always looking for some quick fixes in the kitchen. I was surprised tonight to find my host actually grating cheese – expensive vintage cheese if you don’t mind – onto the freshly prepared food for the dogs! I stood there thinking Wow, can’t wait to see what I’m getting for dinner if this is how the pets eat!
5. A host that leaves Berocca by the bedside: I really am being taken care of at Ledge Point. I’m coming back to this restaurant / hotel!

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