Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I am grateful for today:

December 30
1. Men in lycra: Frane and I walked the trail at Point Walter Reserve and puffed when the running group ran past. Let’s face it, it’s exhausting watching other people upping their heart rate. It was rare – but good – to see some male runners in those lycra body suits. I think every man should have one in his wardrobe!
2. Little Creatures – it’s a brewery and dining experience in Fremantle. It’s fun and we met a German tourist who enjoyed some of our Cajun squid. It was the pay it forward thing. Hoping someone will share their food with me when I go out tomorrow! I’m also grateful for Ian our waiter. A very cool dude, although he was not wearing lycra!
3. Pork chops and apple sauce: does anyone remember the Brady Bunch episode with this favourite line? I do. Peter said it. And I said it when VJ made us pork jobs (no apple sauce) for dinner. I am grateful for anything that is cooked for me. Seriously, you make me toast and I am grateful. Love goes into cooking. Oops, does that mean if I don’t cook I don’t love? Does microwaved baked beans count as cooking cos I can dress up baked beans like no other.
4. My ability to remain calm when someone is rude: not too much to say, other than someone was incredibly rude and inconsiderate and he should’ve been punched by both Frane and myself – and no Mark, I am not talking about you.
5. My mentors: Frane is my prankster mentor, and Verity my bbq mentor – see pic of the gorgeous women who keep me on my toes... literally... I feel like an old ballerina!

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