Sunday, September 16, 2012

Review: Deadly Readers

 Magabala’s new Deadly Readers make me wish I had kids

This week I received the latest installment from the Magabala Books catalogue: a series of four pre-primary readers titled the Deadly Reads Series (Saltwater Series). Colourfully illustrated by Dub Lefler (author / illustrator of Once There was Boy) and Maggie Prewett (illustrator of Old Frangipani Tree at Flying Fish Point  and The Grumpy Lighthouse Keeper), the works have been designed to offer young Australian children of all backgrounds engaging, enjoyable and culturally rich reading experiences that are aimed to encourage them to read further.
My immediate reaction to reading through Lefler’s Animals Move (where birds fly, fish swim and crabs are crawling) and Claws, Eyes, Flippers (where crabs have claws and turtles have flippers) was to feel sorry for myself that I didn’t have a bub of my own to share these beautiful works with. I can’t wait to give them away so that the simple text with gorgeous, vibrant, uplifting illustrations will brighten a young child’s life and introduce them to the joy of books and reading.
The other two titles, written by Wiradjuri education consultant Nola Turner-Jensen and author of Sugarbag were equally inspiring. A Beach for us to Play is a colourful array of beach scenes with simple rhymes, while I have is a basic introduction the names of limbs for humans and animals. Genius works really.
The Deadly Reads for Deadly Readers (Saltwater Series) will be available from October in all good bookshops (you can order now through the Readings) and online from Magabala Books for $19.95 
Why not order them for Christmas presents?

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