Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Steven Oliver: WHAT IF...a poem on why recognition is important

In this final guest blog for National Reconcilian Week 2012, the often challenging and always inspiring Steven Oliver comments on recognition with the question... what if?


As I sit, I have a thought
What if truth was really taught?
What if books didn’t glorify
The time when Captain Cook arrived?

What if they instead told us
That Terra Nullius was unjust
That he never had no right to claim
This great land in Great Britain’s Name

Would there be more of empathy?
Would understanding come to be?
Would we no longer have to fight
For that which is just simply right?

Would all our voices have a say?
Would recognition find its way?
Would media start to be kind
When portraying us and keep in mind

That to a tale there is two sides
And start a turning of the tides
Where people come and share with us
Our pain and say enough’s enough

My head so full of many “What ifs?”
I cannot help but wonder this
And start to dream one day I’ll see
My “What ifs?” a reality

© Steven Oliver

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