Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why Monty Pryor is grateful for his post as Australian Children's Laureate

Being chosen as one of the first two Australian Children's Laureates is a huge honor and represents over twenty years of sharing with over one million children across our great land. The Post is a heavy weight and is not taken lightly.
These are just five reasons I'm grateful for being selected as one of the first two Australian Laureates:
1. The Post gives me the opportunity to share my peoples’ stories – without hidden agendas – leaping out to strike at the heart of the listener.

2. To represent one of the most important aspects from the wide spectrum that goes to making up our lives, and shaping the way we see each other, through how we understand what we read. Sport is great but it's not everything. Reading and writing leads to the pathway that have all the other colors that go to make up our spectrum of life for a brighter and happier future. 

3. To fight against the things that misshape us by understanding the most beautiful things that shape us. 

4. To be the best person I can through the gifts of lore, love and understanding given to me from my elders and family, thus allowing me to fight if need be, and stay true to who I am while doing so.

5. Last but not least, I’m grateful for my teachers at primary and high school. They are the ones who turned the pencil in my hand into a magic wand because of what they saw i.e. a person who got into trouble because he wanted to learn. There was no black and white; just writing using words (not fists) to fight the darkness. Words that were sprinkled with magic dust were used to slam the cell door shut, and opened other doors to a longer happier and equal life. The fight continues and the results are that I'm grateful now to be writing this blog. For without my amazing teachers you would not be reading these words for I would not be here. I have nothing but love for all the hard working teachers who often push through walls of thankless bureaucratic bricks to make magic happen. 
6. Sorry but if I can sneak in a sixth grateful… I’d say that I’m grateful I can use the magic Laureate Stick to poke people in power in places they have never been poked before. The poke is this message: ‘Leave our teacher librarians alone!’

And by the looks of it during my term there will be a whole lotta pokin goin on!

Love and peace to all!


Dajo Finlayson said...

Congratulations to Monty on his selection as one of our first Children's Laureates. What a worthy candidate he is and what a great speech he made about the influence of his teachers and the importance of keeping our teacher librarians!


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