Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm grateful for a liquorice all-sorts Thursday in Brisbane...

I had a liquorice all-sorts kind of day in Brisbane, as I continued to research and write at QUT. Here’s just a few of the highlights I am grateful for:

1.       PETER TAGGART: I’m grateful I started my day with a coffee with Peter Taggart, the delightful young journo with the fabulous laugh. I think everyone should have a PT start to their day.

2.       COOL BREEZES: Anyone who has ever experienced the humidity of Brisbane will appreciate the comment that ‘I am grateful for cool breezes’ whenever and wherever they arrive!

3.       RANDOM COMPLIMENTS: I’m grateful for the kind words of a stranger this evening, who said to me as I walked into Wynnum Plaza: “You look absolutely stunning.” Clearly the thirty minute drive to get there was worth it!

4.       SOLID FRIENDS: I’m grateful for the support of solid friends always, but especially the last few months (in relation to the Bolt case) and today with lengthy phone calls to discuss a major professional issue. I’ve always surrounded myself with people who share the same values and world views as I do, and women who are strong and intelligent. Today I send kudos to authors Rosie Scott and Kathryn Heyman for their ethics and their writing.

5.       SOUND SLEEP: When I am in writing mode I often have restless sleep. My slumber is interrupted by dialogue and plots and my characters having political discussions, rigorous shopping expeditions and fabulous sex. So, tonight I was grateful that my current novel gave me the night off and let me sleep.


Kathryn Heyman said...

Dearest A
How funny - last night, at least partly inspired by you, I started a gratitude journal. And you were right there at the top of a long list of things I'm grateful for. You're a spectacularly special one-off.

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Thank you my beautiful friend! And I am grateful for you - your friendship, unmatchable wit and staunch support! Love love, XX