Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I’m grateful for day 9 in Bris-Vegas:

1.     THE MUSE: Am grateful that when the muse isn’t inspiring me, he’s busy making me coffee. Good man!

2.     MUMMY WISH: I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to attend the ‘Glam it up for Charity’ event at Villager Hotel in the city. The fundraiser was in support of Mummy’s Wish Inc who provide support to mums going through cancer while they are pregnant. Such support includes hospital parking vouchers, groceries, fuel vouchers, housecleaning and lap-tops with webcams and internet access so mums can see their children while they are in hospital. Big kudos to Tara Castle from Social Money Solutions  for what I understand was the fifth successful event. Please get on-line and support also.

3.     BRISBANE WOMEN: Am also grateful that at the fundraiser I was seated with a great group of Brisbane-based business women, writers and bloggers including marketing and comms specialist Mel Kettle (pictured above), food blogger Barbara, copywriter Sally Bagshaw and strategist Monique Beedles.  It’s always inspiring to be around strong, gorgeous, capable women. It was a good Tuesday night!

4.     INTERVIEWS: Clearly getting to where I am professionally means I can’t be that shame about interviews. It’s not my personality to be a wallflower either. So when John Huggins from the Willment Groupdropped into QUT to do an interview for a business magazine it was never going to be ‘standard’. We chuckled some and enjoyed a lively discussion what will turn out to be a serious article about being a sole trader, and I am grateful for the opportunity to talk about writing as a business, when in fact, some still consider it to be a hobby.

5.     LIFE: Sometimes I just wake up and am grateful for another day. For breathing, for my ten fingers and toes, for the ability to be able to walk, talk, see and so on. Sometimes, it’s just important stop and just be grateful for being… And today I was.

What are you grateful for?

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Monique Beedles said...

Thanks Anita, it was great to meet you too.