Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I am grateful for day 10 in Bris-Vegas…

Today was just extraordinary in terms of creativity, and I have so much to be grateful for and here’s my top five:

1.     JAMES & THE BIG ISSUE: This morning I met James at the West End ferry terminal as I was on my morning walk. I was grateful for his warm friendly smile and greeting, and that he appreciated my pink-cover-all-lumps top! Such a generous spirited fella, I found our brief yarn about the ferry was a lovely way to start the morning. I bought The Big Issue of course, please do the same when you see sellers on the street.

2.     RIVER CAT: I had my inaugural river cat journey today from West End to South Bank. I can’t believe people go to work every day this way. After researching and writing, talking and thinking (not always in that order of course) non-stop since I arrived, I was really grateful for the peacefulness that being on the river provided both my mind and spirit. So fabulous an experience, I took the river cat to Riverside later in the day.

3.     SOUTH BANK: I’m grateful for the serenity and the inspiration I found once I disembarked the ferry at South Bank. My character will do that ride every day on her way to her job at the State Library of QLD. I walked the route and routine she’ll have and imagined what her day might start and finish like. Where she might run to when stressed out as well. I stopped to watch some maintenance on the Wheel of Brisbane (picture above) and secretly hoped it would be working come Friday night when my friend arrives from Sydney.

4.     BROOKFIELD: I drove to Brookfield today to check out the landscape and community where one of my characters will live. I’m grateful for the inspiration I received by sitting for a while at the general store, with the chocolate fridge and the surprisingly good coffee. I watched the locals come and go, the cars fly by as I read the real estate brochures with some of the most extraordinary houses I have ever seen. I walked through the cemetery and drove further along to Upper Brookfield… and I got lots and lots and lots of story ideas and for that I am most grateful, after all, that’s why I’m here.

5.     VENICE: Everyone needs a taste of Venice in Brisbane and last night I finally went to the restaurant I’ve been wanting to dine at for the last three years. I’m not sure if my character will break up or rebuild a relationship there, but I have pages of notes from which to figure it out. I’m grateful to my ‘research assistants’ for sharing thoughts on the views from our table, and for sharing the dessert. And I thank them for shouting me. So very generous.

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