Thursday, October 20, 2011

I am grateful for day four in Bris-Vegas

Day four and I'm increasingly grateful for...

THE MUSE: While Julia didn’t curtsey to the Queen, my loyal subject gets down on the ground for me. I had to stop him at the feet-kissing thing. That’s just a little bit too much, even for this princess! I’m grateful for such attentiveness.

QUT VILLAGE: I love the Kelvin Grove Precinct  and what is known as ‘the Village’. Today I enjoyed the service and peppered calamari at Carraway Pier. I’m grateful for the server with the black hat – most charming you were.

QUT STAFF: I’m not exaggerating when I say that all the staff I have encountered here are pleasant, incredibly pleasant, unusually pleasant some might say. From the newsagency to support services, the library to all the eating outlets I’ve experienced. I’m grateful for the friendly, warm welcomes and service that make my day here that much better. Even when the coffee isn’t that great, it’s always served with a smile! 

CHARLOTTE WOOD: Tonight I went to celebrate the release of Animal People  by Charlotte Wood , a Sydney-based author sharing her writing process and wonderful words with those in Brisbane. I’m grateful for the opportunity to sit back and listen to her in conversation with the delightful Ashley Hay. And I can’t wait to get into my autographed copy of the soon-to-be-bestseller! That's the CW above signing away...

I’m not only grateful for my visit to Avid Reader  because it is one of my favorite bookshops, but because one of my characters – Nerida- is a crime writer and will have quite a dramatic launch at Avid Reader in my new novel. I had to go there to ‘research’ last night, while also raising a glass to the deadly Ms Wood. Kudos as always, to the staff there throwing one hell of a party for the local literary lovers. That's me and the lovely Krissy Kneen above! And Krissy, Ash and Fiona Stager below.

 So, what are you grateful for today???


Fran Cusworth said...

For an early morning run in the rain, and a few weeks off writing!

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Sounds perfect Fran! Enjoy!