Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bris-Vegas… I’m grateful for day three…

Day three and I am pretty much exhausted from having so much to do. Brisbane is alive with passionate people, interesting events, yummy food and creative minds. Here's a taste of what I'm grateful for on day three of my QUT/CAL residency...

1.     THE MUSE: Well, I don’t know who had him last, but I’ve got him completely trained up within twenty-four hours. Aside from providing an endless stream of inspiration, he’s an excellent scribe, helping me map out character outlines on the whiteboard. [Note his gentle reminder to himself: ‘I am the MUSE!’ Yes you are my friend, yes you are!]

2.     MURRI STAFF AND STUDENTS: It’s an usual but pleasant experience from working largely solo in my space in Sydney to now being surrounded by the passion of youth here at the Oodgeroo Unit - with students enrolled across various faculties. I have to say, it was a thrill to meet Whitney Hunt and Lucy Deemal in the lunchroom, having been friends on Facewaste for some time. Pic above from left to right includes staffer Synthia Hunt, Whitney, Cadie Fitzgerald and Lucy. I’m grateful for so many fab women surrounded me at the moment.

3.     CREATIVE WRITING STUDENTS: On previous visits to QUT I’ve been fortunate to read work by creative writing students, and I quickly learned the benefits of studying the craft of writing – as opposed to what I did which was just jump in at the deep end because I just wanted to write a book. I’m grateful for lunch with students Yasmin Smith and Luke Mortimer (above) who gave me an insight into the minds, processes and writing futures our young people (well, young to me these days is anyone under 30!). I can’t wait to read their work.

4.     SLQLD: The SLQLD  has one of the most impressive cultural programs of any library in the country, and consistently showcase Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories and storytellers. Tonight I went to The Spoken Word: The coming of Ailan Culture with a panel discussing the arrival of the London Missionary Society and the Coming of the Light Festival. I heard things for the first time at this session and I’m grateful that some of what I learned will inform content in my next book.

5.     JAM JAR: My character Izzy who lives in West End will most definitely be hanging out in Jam Jar, a bar / restaurant / venue with a stunning menu (you MUST try the herbed polenta cake!] and the head chef Asher is a darling. I may have to write him into the novel too. Might need some more ‘research’ back there over the next few weeks! I’m grateful to Kerry Kilner for taking me there.

What are you grateful for today?


Kerry Kilner said...

I'm grateful for knowing Anita and can call her a friend. And Asher's the herbed polenta cakes are delicious!

Rebekah said...

Your posts about being in Brisbane really got me thinking, because I have lived here eight years now, and find it a more difficult place to sum up in brief, than other cities I know are. What would I send somebody to visit to get to know the Brisbane I know? Then I remembered the City Cat ferry, and its long winding way from Brett's wharf to UQ. If I had a visitor staying with me to write, I'd suggest an early morning visit to the lookout over in Hamilton, followed by breakfast in Racecourse road, then a ferry trip from Brett's wharf to UQ, (laptop on lap for the two hours writing time is how long it takes to travel the river by public transport), then back by ferry to West End, another meal near the lizard or where ever you fancy in West End, and the 199 bus ride from West End to Teneriffe, then over the river by ferry, into Bulimba (a dinner meal on the cards there), and ferry from Bulimba back to Bretts Wharf and private motor vehicle parking near Racecourse road. Hope you enjoy yourself here sister, and write it up as well as any Brisbanite, (or Brisbaner, as my sons say).

Dr Anita Heiss said...

Thanks Kerry, and ditto!

Rebekah -thanks so much for all your ideas... I'm going to get myself on that Ferry quick smart. Have a brilliant Brisbane weekend ahead!